The John Lewis Top Tips For Christmas Cooking

The 2006 Christmas Cooking Accessory Range from John LewisThe John Lewis Christmas Cooking range for 2006 includes everything you could possibly need to make your Christmas cooking hassle free and tasty, so that you too can spend more time enjoying Christmas.

The perfect Christmas roast can be easily achieved with the latest carving accessories from John Lewis, which includes everything from a meat thermometer to a knife sharpener.

Here are a few tips from the John Lewis team of cookware experts to make your preparation even easier:

  1. Use the Jamie Oliver Roaster (£70) from John Lewis, which features a non-stick surface and measures 28 x 34cm.
  2. Check that your meat is fully cooked with the Weber Meat Thermometer (£10).
  3. Allow your roast to rest for 15 to 20 minutes after removal from the oven, which will ensure that the meat is firm enough for successful carving.
  4. Lifting Forks (£7.50 per pair) make light work of removing the meat from your roaster and the John Lewis’ carving board comes as part of a set with a tray (£59).
  5. The Knife Sharpener (£12) will ensure that your Meyer Anolon Chefs Knife (£30) is always sharp and effective.
  6. When cut, place your meat onto a hot tray (part of the carving board set) to keep it warm while plating up.
  7. For the final touch, pour the juice in your roasting tin into a gravy fat separator, adding delicious flavour and texture to the gravy. The John Lewis Gravy Fat Separator retails at £12.

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