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Surface View Introduces Woodland Fables – A New Image Collection


Woodland Fables is Surface View’s latest image collection, which combines popular children’s stories against nature’s backdrop, with fairy-tale characters and imposing forest scenes.

This collection, features classic characters from The British Library, such as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit and Red Riding Hood, while Shakespeare’s Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, are provided by the National Galleries of Scotland.

There are also shadowy images from the Museum of London of Kensington Gardens that present a beautiful yet eerie feeling.

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Cuckooland Launches PILL – A Unique Hot Water Bottle

Pill Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are making a come back, as a cost-effective and ecological option, to switching on heating this winter.

The metal bed warmers of the 19th century inspired the PILL: Like no other existing hot water bottle the PILL features a soft cover made of Neoprene, a material similar to that used for making wetsuits, which means that it protects the bottle to maintain the heat, so that it stays hotter longer than its competitors – up to 5 hours. It also feels soft to the touch and is hard-wearing to guard against friction. Its pull-out funnel and free-standing mode, make it much easier and safer in use, especially for those who have difficulty holding a bottle steady with one hand, while pouring with the other. PILL’s ergonomic shape permits it to fit comfortably alongside the body to alleviate pain, when used in heat therapy for problems such as circulation, menstrual cramps, easing of muscle aches Etc.

All things considered, PILL offers a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to stay warm and to promote relaxation and comfort for the coming winter. Priced at £34.95.

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Broste Copenhagen’s New Collection – Inspired by Nature

North Sea

Broste Copenhagen presents their take for the Autumn Winter season with their new contemporary interiors theme.

Broste’s new homewares range is inspired by the modern, fresh atmosphere of the North Sea, reflecting clean shapes, pure colours and shades of raw materials plus “nudes and naturals”.

The collection consists of two themes:

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The Conran Shop Introduces The Big Bloom Vase For the Chelsea Flower Show

Bigbloom Cottage Industry Rose

The inspired ‘Big Bloom’ vase, which is new and only available from The Conran Shop, has been introduced to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show.

Created by Charlie Guda, the ‘Big Bloom’ vase brings together a magnifying lens and a test tube to display a single flower specimen greatly magnified, to show off the fine detail.

Whether it’s pretty wild flowers collected on a walk in the country, or a beautiful rose from a lover, a ‘Big Bloom’ vase will maximize the enjoyment of it, by creating a work of art.   Price – £29.00.

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The New Silwood Silk Collection From James Hare

Silwood Silk

James Hare one of the Uk’s largest fabric suppliers specialising in silks has introduced its new Silwood Silk collection, which brings brand new looks for floral fabrics…

Inspired by Silwood Park, a long-lost important historic house, Silwood Silk from James Hare presents richly coloured florals in lush dupion silk, featuring multi-shaded embroidery and cording. Silwood is crispy and fresh and provides an updated form of a classic country house look, which is ideal for modern day eclectic interiors. This gorgeous collection brings a fresh grandeur to cushions, curtains, lampshades and headboards in a choice of five colourways. The 100% silk Silwood Collection is priced at £95 per metre retail.

James Hare collections of fabric are available all over the UK and worldwide.

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Landscapes: A Distinctive New Collection Of Harlequin Wallpapers

The Harlequin Studio’s new collection of abstract and impressionistic non woven wallpapers, has captured the spirit of Scandinavian skies, to produce Landscapes, which is an impressive modern-day compilation launching in March this year.

Landscapes consists of 26 wallpapers in six contemporary designs, which include artistic impressions of patchwork fields, mountain ranges, rolling hills and coastal seascapes, all of which are placed against a background of the horizon.

This new collection induces a feeling of tranquillity and harmony.

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Ambience Hardwood Flooring Is Perfect For Spring Updates .

Introducing Leicestershire based Ambience Hardwood Flooring, a company offering solid, laminate and engineered floors to suit any budget.

There is a choice of beautiful woods, featuring distinctive detailing, in a broad selection of colours, just ideal for adding a touch of character to your home.

Wood flooring offers many benefits compared to other kinds of flooring in the market.

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NaturePaint Is The First & Only Paint With Zero VOCs

The Cornish natural paint producer NaturePaint, is the first and only paint manufacturer to be given the esteemed Zero VOC* emblem by B&Q.

NaturePaint is the first paint product to confirm it contains zero VOCs, resulting in the newly designed B&Q ‘Zero’ symbol being proudly displayed on every NaturePaint product.

Prepared from only natural, locally sourced non toxic ingredients like Cornish china clays, together with exotic colours including Italian Sienna and French ochres, Both of NaturePaint’s emulsions are sustainable and washable, whilst still supplying high quality cover and vibrant colour.

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Cormar Carpets Adds ‘New Feeling’ To Its Sensation Collection

Cormar Carpets has added to its very popular Sensation ‘Original’ collection with its brand ‘New feeling’, which is a luxuriant lighter version.

The ‘New Feeling’ Sensation is composed of 100% Luxelle polypropylene like the‘Original’; it feels extra soft with a lustrous finish and features a lighter pile at a lower price, which is perfect for those households on a limited budget.

There is a choice of the same ten modern basic colours as Sensation ‘Original’ such as Polar White, Artic Grey and Siberian Mink.

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Stunning Conservatories And Glass Home Extensions From GlasSpace

GlasSpace specialise in construction glazing and sealant use to create spectacular conservatories and glass extensions that are made completely from glass.

Even the construction supporting the double glazed panels preset with structural silicon, is made of glass, so that these stunning buildings seamlessly bring the outside in.

Prize-winning structural glass engineers, architects and top independent test engineers designed the exclusive GlasSpace system, to ensure that their products were exciting, extremely hard-wearing and secure.

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