The John Lewis Stylish Christmas Tree Collection

The Opulent Christmas Tree from John LewisJohn Lewis is leading the way for the coming festive season with its brilliant Christmas Tree collection to suit all styles and tastes.

John Lewis offers four desirable looks for this Christmas, from the Ice Christmas look through Glowing Warmth and Opulence to the Nostalgic Christmas favourite. All are easily achievable and aspire to making tree decorating much more fun!

  • The Opulent Christmas Tree, featured here, is perfect for those who enjoy a lavish and luxurious Christmas.
  • The John Lewis Black Pre-Lit Tree, 195cm £90, provides seasonal drama, when combined with rich, jewel coloured decorations in gold, teal and purple.
  • The Pre-Lit Crystal Tip Tree, 195cm £130, also achieves the Ice Christmas look perfectly and is complemented by a wide range of snowy white and silver decorations, reminiscent of snowflakes.
  • The Bronze Christmas Tree, 180 cm £50 provides the Fire Christmas look that invites you to curl up and relax by the fire with its warm, metallic glaze and copper tones decorated with classic gold and amber decorations.
  • The White LED tree, 201cm £175, is the favoured traditional nostalgic Christmas tree, where natural wooden and home-made decorations are vital to the look, with red being a prominent colour.

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