The Bosch Indego Connect Robotic Lawnmower Is The Ultimate Christmas Gift


Looking for that extra special gift for someone who really enjoys smart technology, then here is the solution!

Give them a Bosch Indego Connect robotic lawnmower, this year’s ultimate gift, which would mean that they can say goodbye to pushing a lawnmower over the lawn and use the extra time on other projects they would rather be doing, in or out of the garden, as well as appealing to their interest in smart technology.

The Indego Connect lawnmower includes the very latest Bosch technology to ensure it will do all the work, without having to control it or push it along.

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Enjoy a Barbecue Any Time of Year With Arctic’s Barbecue Cabins

Siviter Cabin Warwickshire

Introducing the unique Barbecue Cabins from Arctic, to be enjoyed even when summer is over.

A barbecue cabin could be just what we need to help us pass the long, cold dark evenings ahead.

Imagine you, your family and friends, all cosy and warm, enjoying a roaring fire inside your cabin; the steaks are sizzling and the mulled wine is warming and it’s all happening in your own garden!

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Trex Decking’s Tips For Planning Your Dream Outdoor Space


Spring and summer with their warm sunny days, provide the best time to be outdoors, relaxing with friends and family.

Trex the eco-friendly decking company is encouraging homeowners to maximise the use of their outdoor living areas this summer, with patios, decks, or terraces.

With this in mind, Trex has produced some guidelines to help people transform an ordinary back-yard into an outside oasis:

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Broste Copenhagen Offer Stunning Ranges Of Lanterns


We are all longing for the warm summer evenings to return, when we can again sit out in the garden, enjoying the stillness and appreciating the flowers around us.

Candle light creates a special ambience too and there is an enormous range of stunning lanterns to be had from Broste Copenhagen, one of Scandinavia’s principal brands, where you are sure to find a variety to suit your taste and plans.

There are bamboo ones, glass, wood and metal ones and some connected materials. The Broste lanterns come in all shapes and sizes, big enough to look wonderful on the deck or patio and small enough for hanging on trees.

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BeefEater Gas Barbecues Are Now Available In The UK

Beefeater Bugg Barbecue

BeefEater Barbecues, an Australian brand leader, are now making their ranges of versatile gas barbecues available in the UK.

There is an assortment of delightfully designed BeefEater barbecues, ready to take Alfresco dining to a new level:

The Amber Bugg with stand featured here, is compact and ideal for providing a barbecue at the beach, on the garden patio or on a balcony. Cooking with the hood open facilitates crisp grilling, or down for delectable roasts.

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Introducing The Black & Decker’s New 3-In-1 Strimmer

3 in1 strimmer

Black & Decker® the specialists in Garden power tools have launched the 3-IN-1, a clever new tool for gardeners with small lawns, uneven turf or difficult to access lawns.

The Black & Decker 3-IN-one consists of an edging tool, string trimmer and mower, offering maximum adaptability for a variety of grass-cutting work.

This innovative tool combines practicality, light-weight and the little footprint of a strimmer, plus the ease of use and stability of a mower.

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Arboreta’s Garden Rooms Offer Beautiful Garden Views

Garden Room1

Introducing the beautiful Oak frame garden rooms from Arboreta, which provide an ideal extra living space, such as a quiet home office, a light-filled haven, where you can enjoy your hobbies, read, or just relax with a clear garden view that enables you to unwind in tranquil surroundings.

Planning permission is often not required for garden rooms.You can select from freestanding or attached options in a large number of designs, such as oak trusses or rafters, purlins and ridge sector.

Adding a gable helps to create a roomy airy feel, while choosing thermally-efficient glazing and an insulated roof, ensures that it stays cosy in winter months, which means that you can enjoy the garden room all through the year.

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The Verycook Plancha Grill Is Very Hot, Easy, Pretty And Healthy

Planch Grill1

Introducing the Plancha Grill from Verycook. All th rage in France, the Plancha is an outdoor gas grill featuring a choice of 3 cooking surfaces and ten colours.

This new grill makes cooking outdoors much healthier and enjoyable, when compared with the current barbecue’s smoky flare-ups and messy charcoals.

The new Verycook Plancha Grill has gained Rachel Allen’s Searing Seal of Approval. *

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Slate Top Tables Bring Natural Beauty To The Garden

Slate Tables

Introducing beautiful slate top garden tables from the specialists Slate Top Tables, handcrafted in Devon by experts with years of experience working with stone and wood.

Why not bring the natural aged beauty of slate to your garden for summer, with the Colyton Green Oak Slate Top table:

The tables are made of a solid green oak and are available in various different finishes, including hand-painted Mylands of London colours and pure linseed oil, or they can just be left outdoors, to silver naturally with age.

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Milana Candles Launch A Limited Edition Valentine’s Candle

Valentine Candle

As Valentine’s Day approaches, why not prepare the amorous ambience at home with Milanas’s ‘Bed of Roses’ candle.

This novel Limited Edition Candle combines the typical scent of red roses, with fresh hints of violet and lemon leaves, as well as the loving delicacy of relaxing spice, like bergamot intertwined with cassis.

Made from cotton wick and 100% soy wax, the candle is highly perfumed in Milana’s ‘Bed Of Roses’ – motivated by the Bon Jovi popular song, making both the ideal gift and generating a fantastic atmosphere.

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