About Us

This site is owned and run by Excelsior Information Systems Ltd, a UK based Internet publishing company established in 1991.

Our mission is to create the highest quality, most informative websites in the UK, in each market we enter.

Once you start doing research on the web, you’re likely to discover, as we did, that there are very few sites giving high quality information and independent advice on the subject.

Most sites belong to product manufacturers, trade bodies or other organisations with an agenda to promote.

So we set out to create an independent source of information, and this website is the result.

Because we are a publishing company, we have no agenda, or bias, and we can give you an honest overview of the whole market, with no hidden agendas, and no strings attached.

UK Home Ideas is the result of extensive research, and significant investment, so we can bring you a wide range of interesting, innovative and beautiful ideas for your home.

We hope you enjoy UK Home Ideas, and find it useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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