The Hunter Fan Company Launches New Waste Force Kitchen Disposers

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd has launched Waste Force disposers in the United Kingdom, so you no longer have to tolerate rotting, smelly and disease infested food in your waste bins.

These innovative and reasonably priced new waste disposers, quickly get rid of waste food with ease.

They incorporate many powerful features that provide excellent performance and long life.

The affordable prices offer great value and ensure that two-weekly bin collections are no longer a hazard to health.

The company recommends that all kitchens in the UK should have a waste disposer, like those in the USA and other countries around the world. They enable the recycling of food waste that otherwise can be a health hazard, rotting in waste bins causing revolting smells and attracting vermin.

The current Bi-weekly bin collections in the UK create two significant problems: the hazard to health and the storage space needed, whereas waste disposers eradicate both in one go and reduce the amount of bin bags used, thus saving space and making sure that your kitchen is fresh and clean.

The waste goes straight to the sewage works, where it is turned into electricity and also results in a reduction in landfill requirement.

The waste disposers are guaranteed for 10 years and prices now start at £145 Inc.vat.

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd is the EC distributor appointed for the brand.

Waste Force units are made to a high specification by a principal manufacturer of waste disposers, with over 20 years experience.They are available to buy online, or from many kitchen design shops around the UK.

For further information and to view the different models of Waste Force disposers on offer, go to the website.

Tel: 0125 663 6509.

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Buy Quality Wooden Kitchens Online From British Standard

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2Introducing British Standard, creators of an affordable range of ready made kitchen cupboards.

All of the British Standard cupboards are offered in a tasteful shaker style and prepared in broken white egg-shell undercoat, so that consumers can  paint their cupboards in a colour of their choice.

For example, combine smart brown leather with almond hues and raw steel handles for a timeless look.

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2Top picture – Cupboards painted in Hardwick White from Farrow & Ball.

Other pictures – Cupboards painted in a bespoke colours.

A British Standard Kitchen of average size is priced around £7000.

British Standard lets their customers design and measure up their own kitchens to their preferred specification, then buy online by choosing from the quality collections of wall, floor and tall cupboards, accessories and worktops.

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2The cupboards are normally ready for collection within 6 to 8 weeks.

The kitchens are hand made using quality materials, in the company’s Suffolk workshop.

For further information and to view British Standard’s complete range of kitchen cupboards, go to the website.


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Latest Flooring Ideas For Hallways From Carpetright

Velvet Twist

Velvet Twist

Make a real first impression of your home’s hallway, by giving it a chic new look with Carpetright’s latest flooring concepts.

Velvet Twist featured here (top),is for the daring home lover; replicate this novel look by interchanging different colours of the Velvet Twist carpet, to give a smart striped effect.

Velvet Twist is available in Aubergine/Burgundy and Green. Priced at £9.99 per metre².

The New Dynasty carpet in bold Damson,(Picture 2) provides a spectacular entrance, as well as an appearance that is right on trend. Priced at £5.99 per metre²

The New Dynasty Carpet

The New Dynasty Carpet

Ashby in Anthracite, (picture 3), is a modern classic and an ideal flexible backdrop, to compliment artwork and furniture to perfection. Priced at £5.99 per metre².
Ashby Anthracite

No matter what your style, why not give your hall a great welcome home look?

Go to the website for more information and to browse the complete collections of Carpetright’s beautiful carpets.

Ashby in Anthracite

Ashby in Anthracite

Order by telephone: 0845 604 5616

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Introducing The Calligaris Sofa Collection From Lime Modern Living


The Calligaris Metro

The Calligaris Metro

Lime Modern Living, a major modern furniture retailer in South East UK, has introduced the newest sofas in the Calligaris collection, designed to make a real impact in any contemporary living room.

The Calligaris Metro is a contemporary three seat sofa that exudes a balanced form and timeless charm, as well as adaptability that ensures it fits easily into either contemporary or classic settings.

The seams of the backrest, armrest and seats have piped edging in both the leather and fabric covered versions.

It is offered in various attractive arrangements, including a corner grouping and a chaise-longue, to ensure there is an ideal product for every home. Prices from £1344.

The Calligaris Square sofa presents a minimalistic style with distinctive and geometric outlines that is just right for a contemporary environment.

The sofa features pinched seams on the borders of the backrest, armrest and seats, in both the leather and fabric covered models.

The Calligaris Square

The Calligaris Square

The Square is also available in a great choice of forms, such as an armchair, multi seat sofa, modules, with or without armrests, as well as a corner unit that provides extremely stylish comfort. Prices from £2776.

Lime Modern Living is situated Tunbridge Wells and presents a modern day collection that offers the finest in innovation and design to restyle a home into a brand new space.

Visit the website for more information and to browse Lime Modern Living’s complete collections of contemporary sofas.
Tel: (018920 544 846


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Mira Showers Launches Showers For The Digital Era

Mira Platinum

Mira Platinum

Introducing the Mira Showers collection of digital showers, which bring the latest technological advances into your bathroom, combined with style, precision and flexibility.

This smart range of automated showers offer wireless controllers that enable you to choose your preferred flow and temperature settings before you enter the shower.

Using the Warm Up function, you are able to set the shower to attain your required temperature and rate of flow, after which it pauses, prepared to operate as you enter your ideal shower.

Every product in the range is fitted with the novel Mira 360 shower-head, which presents the Flipstream™ technology, which is an innovative flipping device that enables you to switch between 4 separate spray types, to ensure that you enjoy the optimum showering experience,

All of the showers also have an Eco setting, to make sure that the water flow rate is not excessive.

In addition all showers have a digital clock feature, to allow you to keep a check of time spent in the shower, whilst measuring the water usage at the same time.

Mira Vier

Mira Vier

There are several installation choices with different controllers:

  • The Mira Platinum model has a wireless wall mounted controller, (picture 1), with an option for additional controllers, to allow for versatility. Prices from £660, with 2nd wireless controller – from £153.60.
  • Mira Vier – This is square wireless controller, also wall mounted, (picture 2), also with additional controllers, if required. Prices from £699, with 2nd controller – from £139.
  • Mira Vision - This streamlined, wireless controller, (picture 3),brings a stylish contemporary look to the shower area.

For a more opulent shower experience, Mira has produced Dual Digital Showers, which allow the user to divert the flow, from the overhead to the hand shower, or both together.

Mira Vision

Mira Vision

The complete digital collection is offered with the dual option and all come with a chrome deluge 250mm, plus an extra Mira 360 shower-head.

NB Digital Showers are unsuitable for use in homes that have cold mains supplies.

Prices start from £660, with an additional controller, from £147.60 each.

For further information and to view Mira Showers’ whole digital shower range, go to the website.

Tel: (0844) 571 5000

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ASPACE Introduces A New Collection Of Children’s Furniture

The Revision Desk

The Revision Desk

After a joyful six weeks holiday from school, most children aren’t thrilled at the prospect of sitting at a desk once more.

ASPACE, a leading UK children’s retailer, has decided to make the changeover from holidays to study more attractive, with its new range of quality furniture, which provides a work area that makes homework more enjoyable.

The new collection offers a variety of desks and chairs to pick from that will take children all the way through from SATS to graduation.

ASPACE only uses wood from renewable sources that are managed responsibly and their desks are all manufactured from quality wood like solid pine and oak.

The Revision Desk featured here, is a classic desk highly practical area for your child to study, crafted from solid pine with a built in end bookcase for storage.

The desk is available in Silk and Antique White, Light Grey and Prussian Blue.

Measures: Height 76cm x Width 121cm x Depth 60cm. Price £295.

The Oak Trestle Desk mixes functionality with style and incorporates a chunky hard wearing butcher’s block type top with trestle legs.

This design complements all the ASPACE oak furniture collections, making coordination easy for a finished look. Price £250.

The Swivel Chair also pictured, is an ideal extra, available in various finishes to match your preferred look.

The Swivel Chair

The Swivel Chair

It features heavy duty castors and a variable height swivel system, to enable your child to swivel around as necessary. Price £195.

The Roll-out Quadrant Storage Unit has four separate storage areas, which are perfect for storing stationery and books.

This mobile cupboard with lockable wheels is customisable, with fabric storage totes or coloured doors to suit your personal taste. Price £125.

The Mini Apple Light is a novel bedside light that gives a subdued glow, ideal for some bedtime reading. Price £35.

ASPACE has been designing and making children’s furniture for over twenty years and built by expert craftsmen to excellent standards, to ensure its collection of children’s furniture and accessories stand the test of time.

Visit the website for more information and to browse ASPACE’s extensive collection of children’s furniture.

Tel:  (0845) 872 2400

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Biomass Heating Offers A Great Return On Your Investment

The SHT, TDA Thermodual 40 boiler from Euroheat.

The SHT, TDA Thermodual 40 boiler from Euroheat.

Since most savings accounts offer a poor interest rate these days, lots of savers are now searching for other ways to save their hard earned money that can achieve a better return.

With the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive in mind, the solution could be provided, by a decision to use a biomass boiler to provide heating in your home.

The initial expense of installing this type of a boiler seems rather expensive, however, the return received over the years, makes this type of heating a very smart investment.

Invest the £35,000 cost of installing a high end wood burning boiler in a fixed rate bank savings account and you might expect interest of about £1,000 after allowing for the current inflation rate.

Whereas spending the £35,000, to install a wood burning boiler, such as the Euroheat 45kW in your home and the return would be twenty two times higher than the figure above, tax free!

This surprising outcome is due to the Government’s incentive scheme, to motivate homeowners to use renewable fuels like wood chips, logs or pellets to heat there homes and offers an income of up to £57,645 in seven years, free of tax.(amount based on an evaluation of 67,500kWh per year green deal).

Additional savings are also available, since a Euroheat wood fired boiler costs less to operate than current heating systems using gas and oil, thus  reducing your heating bill by up to 60 per cent.

Burning a biomass product like wood, is also more environmentally friendly, which makes a wood fired boiler a significant future proof investment.

The boiler installation process is a relatively simple one too.

The featured SHT, TDA Thermodual 40 boiler from Euroheat , can burn both pellets and logs, automatically switching between them as necessary.

Priced around £13,578, PLUS costs of installation, this boiler could bring in £53,546 over 7 years in Government domestic RHI payments.

For more detailed information about Euroheat’s collection of biomass boilers and installation advice, visit the website.

The domestic RHI Scheme/ 9th April 2014 is a government financial incentive scheme, to encourage the use of renewable sources for heating and place less dependence on fossil fuels.

For details go to the website.

Tel: (01885) 491100

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Whirlpool Introduces A New Side By Side Fridge Freezer

Whirlpool's 'A++' energy rated  WSX 53782 FCX  side-by-side fridge freezer.

Whirlpool’s ‘A++’ energy rated WSX 53782 FCX side-by-side fridge freezer.

A new side by side fridge freezer has been launched by Whirlpool that combines style with exceptional food preservation and energy saving features, in support of the industry’s efforts to solve the ever increasing problem of needless food wastage in Britain.

The new ‘A++’ energy rated WSX 53782 FCX fridge freezer is both stylish and eco friendly, in a stunning design that also offers an easily controlled user touch interface.

It also features Whirlpool’s 6th Sense® sensor technology, giving it excellent capability in food preservation, as it detects changes in temperature and returns it to the right level, 5 times quicker for optimum freshness.

Another great feature is Whirlpool’s Fresh Control, which controls the fridge humidity and temperature, to keep the freshness up to 4 times longer.

The WSX 53782 FCX also includes Starlight, the new lighting set in the interior of the fridge, which has LED lights on the side and on the ceiling to ensure better all round illumination.

In addition, there is an external water and ice dispenser that is illuminated when used and a convenient removable ice dispenser in the door, for use at the table, for adding ice to drinks when dining.

The adaptable space of the new fridge freezer, allows the interior furniture to be removed or adjusted, to suit daily or long-term requirements.

Other features of this new side by side fridge freezer: Total capacity: 559 litres. Dimensions: Height 1758mm x Width 909mm x Depth 782mm.

Fridge capacity: 383 litres. Freezer: Frost free convenience. Capacity: 176 litres. This WSX 53782 FCX model is now available.

For further information and to browse the whole Whirlpool Refrigerator range, visit the website.

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Crown Imperial Launches New Solutions For Home Storage

The Rococo Range

The Rococo Range

Crown Imperial has introduced LIFESPACE – a new storage furniture range tailored for use by the whole family.

Ideal for creating more storage space anywhere in the home – child’s play room, home office, media room, hobby space, living rooms and bedrooms.

The LIFESPACE collection is available in over 80 different colours, providing an impressive mix of both closed and open units to give a feeling of space:

LIFESPACE is a resourceful shelving system that includes a selection of 2 shelf depths 3 shelf heights and various drawer, desktop and unit configurations.

The system also works well as a hobby space, as the shelves are tiered to allow easy visibility and access for organising your materials.

The desk presents an ideal flat area for crafts, or an extra study zone; includes soft closing drawers and places for hiding requisites.

  • The contemporary Rococo range pictured here, features the children’s playroom with a modern non-reflective finish that is durable, soft to touch and resistant to fingerprints, whilst giving children easy access. This range comes in 11 colours including bright and neutral tones.
  • The Rialto range offers a choice of 19 assorted colours, comprised of 11 high gloss rich colours and 8 metallic finishes, such as the new dark and light grey, blackberry, lilac, and metallic copper.
The Rialto Range

The Rialto Range

The LIFESPACE collection offers consumers a design and style to suit everyone; a living solution that seamlessly blends all around the home, whether it’s a home office, media room or a loft conversion.

Go to the website for more information and to view Crown Imperial’s complete LIFESPACE furniture range.

Tel. (01227) 742424

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QMotion UK’s Automated Blinds Offer Shade Convenience

350551_num908900QMotion UK’s collection of automated blinds are an ingenious wire free way to add smart home technology to your home.

Control cords or wires aren’t needed and you can fit a complete automated blind unit without an electrician.

The system is simply operated with a smart remote that can be fitted on a wall-mounted plate, or by using the iOS or Android-phone Apps.

The QMotion App or remote can operate single or more blinds and offers a much safer alternative to cord wire powered blinds.

Motorisation removes the risk of looped and cord operating systems, thus improving safety for  vulnerable adults as well as children.

So now you can have motorised blinds without having to chase out walls, or fit unsightly conduits to conceal the wiring.

These are the first blinds that can be used manually or by remote, due to the tug feature, which permits the blinds to be opened or lowered with a little tug.

Smart features such as the sleep time of the shade’s built in radio (RF) receiver, makes sure that the life of standard batteries exceeds 5 years of operation.

There are over 400 beautiful materials and colours to choose from, including light filtering, decorative and attractive blackout fabrics.

Alternatively you can provide your own choice of fabric for use in the manufacture of the blind.You can also have a favourite image or photo printed on to the material, to add your personal touch to an interior plan.
Priced including fabric from £674.00.

For further information and to browse QMotion UK’s collection of automated blinds, visit the website.

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