Craven Dunnill Introduces New Trendy Hexagon Tiles for 2015

Astoria Stone Tiles

Astoria Stone Tiles

The hexagon is forecast to be a favoured style trend in 2015 for both floor and wall tiles. The six-sided tiles are already appearing in ornamental patterns, such as individual floor tiles and mosaics.

In recognition of this trend, Craven Dunnill has added two new collections featuring the hexagon: Etruscan and Astoria Stone into its large Renaissance Range.

Astoria Stone

This new wall and floor tile range presents a multi-stone design, which is a striking interpretation of the fashionable natural stone.

Astoria Stone is made of porcelain and comes in 3 colour choices: Country, Bone and Taupe.

The design is a Hexagon glazed floor and wall mosaic sheet measuring 245mm x 247mm.

Traditionally shaped field tiles, which compliment the hexagon design are also available.

The Astoria Stone Hexagon tiles featured here are priced around £20.70m².

Etruscan Tile Fuoco

Etruscan Tile Fuoco


The Etruscan floor and wall tile demonstrates the comeback of terracotta as a fashionable interior design form.

These new tiles mirror the appearance of original terracotta, due to new technology, but are made in durable glazed porcelain, instead of the porous and softer traditional terracotta tiles.

The move to large terracotta tiles is another new development, including hexagon shaped 600mm x 600mm glazed floor tiles.

Pictured here,  (bottom) is the Etruscan Hexagon floor tile in Fuoco, 125mm x 145mm priced around £91.10m².

For further information and to browse Craven Dunnill’s extensive ranges of wall and floor tiles, visit the website.

Tel: (01746) 761611


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The Old Creamery Group Launches A New Dedicated Kitchens Website

CreameryThe Old Creamery has been marketing its unique handmade kitchens for nearly 15 years from their Yeovil base, (while the main furniture business has been in operation for over 25 years).

The company has decided to create a new website – with its distinct Creamery Kitchens brand, to show their confidence that it is a core part of the group and continues to achieve a strong level of new enquiries and orders.

New investment recently, has enabled their substantial Yeovil kitchen showroom to be open 7days a week, with two additional kitchen consultants in attendance.

The studio comprises fully furbished room set displays that present all of the 6 kitchen ranges available.

Creamery Kitchens are handcrafted in the South West of the UK, a fact that the group has always been extremly proud of.

With 3D kitchen design software, new displays and a fresh brochure planned, Creamery Kitchens is well placed to continue on its current successful course.

For further information and to view Creamery Kitchens’ comprehensive ranges of kitchen styles, visit the website.

Tel: 01935 410500

The Old Creamery Furniture Company and Creamery Kitchens are located at:

Watercombe Park
Lynx Trading Estate
BA20 2HL

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New Airstream S200 Wi-Fi Speaker Introduced By Monitor Audio

unnamedMonitor Audio has launched an ultra-compact new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker that offers great sound and beneficial convenience to entertainment in the home.

It’s a brilliant solution to the stereo quandary, as it concentrates the latest connectivity, vigorous amplification and ultra modern digital procedures, within a small speaker design, smaller than the usual one-box speaker, but equipped with the most recent technology, to produce an amazingly large stereo sound from every imaginable audio origin.

The Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker is cool, compact, clever and connects with:

Airstream Direct, Apple Airplay, Bluetooth and DLNA on board, the very compact S200 system will distribute astonishing stereo sound from online or stored music libraries via Apple, NAS, PC, and MAC, as well as Windows or Android mobiles.

You can use Bluetooth or Monitor Audio’s own Airstream Direct, while away from a Wi-Fi router to stream files to the S200 with ease.

15549695152_576c55d44d_ziOS devices can be directly connected to the S200 via the USB/charge feed in for playback, charging requirements and uncomplicated Wi-Fi sharing.

For analogue, a profusion of devices can be connected via a 3.5mm stereo jack.

The new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker will be available from October 2014, priced at: £200.

For further information and to browse Monitor Audio’s range of streaming products, go to the website.

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Combined Overflow And Waste System For Freestanding Baths From Arcade Bathrooms

420044_num1007866One of the outstanding features of the Arcade range from Bathroom Brands is its beautiful accurate detailing.

Bathroom Brands Arcade luxury Belle Epoque range, has introduced the Fire Hydrant, an inventive combined waste and overflow system that allows waste pipes to be run out of sight, which is essential with a freestanding bath.

The Arcade Fire Hydrant is inspired by a Victorian original and can be located at the end or side of the bath and also has extensions that permit it to be positioned up to 950mm from the middle of the bath waste.

All of the Arcade brassware is plated in nickel,, using a process called PVD that provides a unique finish, which is as hard wearing as chrome.

Since the Fire Hydrant is also the overflow, the user just has to raise the lever, causing the water to flow out to empty the bath.

The Fire Hydrant operates perfectly with any the bath filler that has floor mountings, as well as over Arcade range bath showers.

The Fire Hydrant pictured here is the Arcade bath shower mixer, fitted to exposed water pipes.

The complete Arcade Fire Hydrant, including outlet extension, waste extension and cover plates for overflow hole, is priced at £1299 Inc. VAT.

The bath shower mixer on floor-mounted exposed water pipes is priced at approx. £1248 Inc. VAT.

The Arcade Vigo natural stone freestanding bath, with traditional nickel legs, is priced at £2639 Inc. VAT.

For further information and to view the comprehensive Arcade bathrooms ranges, go to the website.

Tel.  (01322) 473222

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Betta Living Introduces The Intelligent Bedroom Of The Future

418631_num1006785_600x600 A bedroom for the future has been created by Betta Living that includes a smart virtual bedroom mirror, that can suggest what you should wear; also monitoring procedures that are able to adapt the environment in your bedroom, to suit your personal biological readings, as well as self-created 3D printed ornaments and 3D prints of family pictures.

The virtual bedroom presents an idea of how UK bedrooms are likely top appear in the near future, as household furniture, technology and accessories progress.

For example:

Virtual Mirror with Personal Stylist Functions

A virtual mirror will replace mirrors on wardrobe doors –  something that has been developed already by Computerlove for retailers, and that Betta Living considers will be unexceptional in our bedrooms in a few years.

The intelligent mirror will display our wardrobe contents, enabling us to look around and try on garments virtually, as well as suggesting what to wear, depending on the weather, our diary and what has been worn earlier.

The clothes will be micro tagged,  so there won’t be any need to open the wardrobe door to choose items, as they will be visible on the virtual mirror.

By means of gesture technology, you can then swipe through items and try on outfits using pictures of your clothes, applied to a life-size image of your body.

Select a pair of jeans or a skirt and the virtual mirror will suggest tops, shoes and accessories from your wardrobe that will be ideal for the weather and what you are intending to do that day.

In addition if you don’t have the right shoes to complement an outfit, the smart mirror will connect you to a website shop, where you can purchase the required item.

When it’s time to take physical garments out of the wardrobe,

Also new developments in storage methods will allow garments to be easily removed from the wardrobe, like Betta Living’s infrared motion sensor rail to be launched soon.

418631_num1006786_600x600Smart Windows

Clear glass windows and window decorations will not be part of the futuristic bedroom; replaced by a transparent intelligent window  that will react to the season and time of day, or personal choices.

The window screen can either be transparent or blackout, acting as a virtual window blind, to display an image of your choice – or use it as a smart TV screen, or to check on the weather, or even social media.

Already, the Transparent Smart Window from Samsung can be viewed online at: and may even be available in the near future.

There are too many innovations to include here, but more exciting details can be seen on the Gadget News website.

Visit Betta Living’s website to browse their comprehensive ranges of fitted bedrooms.


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Natuzzi Italia Launches Latest Contemporary Furniture Pieces

The Dolce Vita Bed

The Dolce Vita Bed

Natuzzi Italia, Italy’s largest furniture maker and well known for its leather upholstery, has introduced their latest contemporary pieces.

The key pieces launched are:

The Dolce Vita Bed pictured here, is part of the company’s new range of 6 modern style beds, which present a smart combination of practicality and fashion.


Wherever it’s positioned, the Chesterfield headboard’s strong charisma dominates the room and the quilted finish demonstrates real craftsmanship. Priced from £3,740.

The contemporary Gio’ Sofa. This sofa design is intended for customers who wish to enjoy supreme comfort without compromise.

It features a metal finish and solid oak feet, plus 2 scatter cushions packed with feathers and foam; the 2 seat cushions have both feathers and memory foam filling, for sheer comfort. Priced from £2,490.

The Re-vive performance reclining chair presents unique advanced technology that allows the chair to move with you with a fluid motion, to ensure excellent comfort.Priced from £2,170.

The Accordo is a straight forward and elegant dining table made in walnut and reinforced glass, with novel crossed legs to ensure a high level of stability and strength. Priced from £3,400.

The Don Giovanni Sofa. This low and deep sofa presents an enticing aura.

It’s upholstered in the quality Fiorentino fabric and features modern and graceful lines; this gorgeous sofa offers an enchanting place to sit. Priced from £2,720.

For further information and to view Natuzzi’s complete new furniture launches,  go to the website.

For Stockists call: (01322) 771442

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Granorte Launches The New Studio Cork Floor Collection

The Studio Collection

The Studio Collection

Introducing Granorte’s Studio Collection, which presents a dramatic change in flooring, where style meets functionality, to create the newest designs in cork floor covering.

The Studio Collection enables customers to select from planks, tiles and narrow panels that can be easily fitted together in use.

This type of flooring is ideal for DIYer’s to instal, without the bother of nailing or gluing.

Studio also offers the JointShield®edge process, which gives an unusually clean finish as well as better moisture resistance.

Furthermore, Studio’s five layers comprise a wealth of technology that guarantees great performance.

Studio floors are offered in 27 fabulous designs and incorporate five layers, comprised of the latest technology to ensure excellent flooring quality.

This collection is ideally suited to any interior, from the subtle to the outlandish and would look great in interiors of all sizes styles and shapes.

Price for the new Studio collection is from £52 per metre2.

Visit the website for more information and to browse Granorte’s complete range of cork flooring.

Tel: (01785) 711 131

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The Hunter Fan Company Launches New Waste Force Kitchen Disposers

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Waste Force 100 Disposer

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd has launched Waste Force disposers in the United Kingdom, so you no longer have to tolerate rotting, smelly and disease infested food in your waste bins.

These innovative and reasonably priced new waste disposers, quickly get rid of waste food with ease.

They incorporate many powerful features that provide excellent performance and long life.

The affordable prices offer great value and ensure that two-weekly bin collections are no longer a hazard to health.

The company recommends that all kitchens in the UK should have a waste disposer, like those in the USA and other countries around the world. They enable the recycling of food waste that otherwise can be a health hazard, rotting in waste bins causing revolting smells and attracting vermin.

The current Bi-weekly bin collections in the UK create two significant problems: the hazard to health and the storage space needed, whereas waste disposers eradicate both in one go and reduce the amount of bin bags used, thus saving space and making sure that your kitchen is fresh and clean.

The waste goes straight to the sewage works, where it is turned into electricity and also results in a reduction in landfill requirement.

The waste disposers are guaranteed for 10 years and prices now start at £145 Inc.vat.

The Hunter Fan Company Ltd is the EC distributor appointed for the brand.

Waste Force units are made to a high specification by a principal manufacturer of waste disposers, with over 20 years experience.They are available to buy online, or from many kitchen design shops around the UK.

For further information and to view the different models of Waste Force disposers on offer, go to the website.

Tel: 0125 663 6509.

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Buy Quality Wooden Kitchens Online From British Standard

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2Introducing British Standard, creators of an affordable range of ready made kitchen cupboards.

All of the British Standard cupboards are offered in a tasteful shaker style and prepared in broken white egg-shell undercoat, so that consumers can  paint their cupboards in a colour of their choice.

For example, combine smart brown leather with almond hues and raw steel handles for a timeless look.

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2Top picture – Cupboards painted in Hardwick White from Farrow & Ball.

Other pictures – Cupboards painted in a bespoke colours.

A British Standard Kitchen of average size is priced around £7000.

British Standard lets their customers design and measure up their own kitchens to their preferred specification, then buy online by choosing from the quality collections of wall, floor and tall cupboards, accessories and worktops.

BS - Pastels Kitchens-2The cupboards are normally ready for collection within 6 to 8 weeks.

The kitchens are hand made using quality materials, in the company’s Suffolk workshop.

For further information and to view British Standard’s complete range of kitchen cupboards, go to the website.


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Latest Flooring Ideas For Hallways From Carpetright

Velvet Twist

Velvet Twist

Make a real first impression of your home’s hallway, by giving it a chic new look with Carpetright’s latest flooring concepts.

Velvet Twist featured here (top),is for the daring home lover; replicate this novel look by interchanging different colours of the Velvet Twist carpet, to give a smart striped effect.

Velvet Twist is available in Aubergine/Burgundy and Green. Priced at £9.99 per metre².

The New Dynasty carpet in bold Damson,(Picture 2) provides a spectacular entrance, as well as an appearance that is right on trend. Priced at £5.99 per metre²

The New Dynasty Carpet

The New Dynasty Carpet

Ashby in Anthracite, (picture 3), is a modern classic and an ideal flexible backdrop, to compliment artwork and furniture to perfection. Priced at £5.99 per metre².
Ashby Anthracite

No matter what your style, why not give your hall a great welcome home look?

Go to the website for more information and to browse the complete collections of Carpetright’s beautiful carpets.

Ashby in Anthracite

Ashby in Anthracite

Order by telephone: 0845 604 5616

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