The California Company’s New Privacy Slat Window Shutters

Privacy Slat Shutters have just been introduced by The California Company – the very latest improvement in sleek and trendy window treatments.

The New Privacy Slat Shutters provide total privacy together with light and control, as the exclusive rebated slats inter-lock with one another, to give a completely plane finish when closed.

The resulting appearance is that of a modern-day, structurally designed window cover, which is just right for those who require the immaculate outline of a shutter, whil e favouring a more progressive style.

They also offer a wonderful solution for homes facing a busy street.

The slat shutters are available in ten standard paint colours.

However, the company also offers a Bespoke Colour Service, to enable you to create your own truly bespoke effect.

The California Company are specialists in DIY shutters in the UK and aim to make their range of handmade interior window shutters, the most attractive flourishes to every room in the home, at realistic prices.

Priced start at £169 per sq metre.

For further information, and to see the California Company’s complete range of smartwindow shutters, go to the website.

Stockist Tel:( 0845) 123 5661

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