PortaScreen The Portable And Adaptable Sash Window Panel.

Introducing PortaScreen, a family Kent based company, who are the only importers of a novel portable and adaptable sash window screen.

PortaScreen is a traditional sash window panel that doesn’t require installation and is ready for use directly from the box.

The window screen is made from robust mesh, in an aluminium and wood frame; PortaScreen is lightweight, easily fitted and exceptionally easy to use.

Just lift the sash window to the height required and fit the screen to the open space.

PortaScreen glides open horizontally to fit the majority of sash windows and immediately provides an economically priced solution, to let fresh air in, while keeping the insects out.

This screen is specifically intended to stop insects from coming in when your windows are open and is ideal anywhere, especially children’s rooms and kitchens, to ensure that even in high summer, you can safely prepare food and eat it without unwanted intrusion.

Sizes and Prices available:

H: 15″; W: 20-33″; Priced at: £18.50.

H: 10″; W: 25-45″; Priced at: £19.50.

H: 15″; Width: 25-45″; Priced at: £21.50.

The widths can be easily adjusted. Prices include Post and Packing to UK mainland only.

PortaScreen the classic Portable Sash Window Screen can be purchased only online, from the comany’s website.

Tel:   (01622) 814381

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