Surface View Introduces Woodland Fables – A New Image Collection

516386_num1106150Woodland Fables is Surface View’s latest image collection, which combines popular children’s stories against nature’s backdrop, with fairy-tale characters and imposing forest scenes.

This collection, features classic characters from The British Library, such as Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit and Red Riding Hood, while Shakespeare’s Oberon and Titania from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, are provided by the National Galleries of Scotland.

There are also shadowy images from the Museum of London of Kensington Gardens that present a beautiful yet eerie feeling.

The images transport you to places of magic and danger, such as fantastic silhouetted prints presenting Rumpelstiltskin type characters, to Arthur Rackham’s extraordinary illustrations for Grimm’s Fairy Tales.


Wall Murals from £50 per sq m; Canvas Prints from £145; Birch Ply Prints from £145; Epic Posters from £60; Textile Wall Hangings from £145; Window Films from £75; Lampshades from £85 and Ceramic Tiles from £480 per sq m.

About Surface View

The enchantingly beautiful imagery that forms Surface View’s comprehensive collections come from eclectic sources; the images are then digitally remastered, retaining their distinctive character and ensuring first class image quality.
The images are printed onto a variety of products to the customer’s requirements, in a size to suit any situation.

Visit the website for more detailed information on Surface View’s stunning image collections and products.


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