Cuckooland Launches PILL – A Unique Hot Water Bottle

Pill Hot Water BottleHot water bottles are making a come back, as a cost-effective and ecological option, to switching on heating this winter.

The metal bed warmers of the 19th century inspired the PILL:

  • Like no other existing hot water bottle the PILL features a soft cover made of Neoprene, a material similar to that used for making wetsuits, which means that it protects the bottle to maintain the heat, so that it stays hotter longer than its competitors – up to 5 hours.
  • It also feels soft to the touch and is hard-wearing to guard against friction.
  • Its pull-out funnel and free-standing mode, make it much easier and safer in use, especially for those who have difficulty holding a bottle steady with one hand, while pouring with the other.
  • PILL’s ergonomic shape permits it to fit comfortably alongside the body to alleviate pain, when used in heat therapy for problems such as circulation, menstrual cramps, easing of muscle aches Etc.

All things considered, PILL offers a cost-efficient and eco-friendly way to stay warm and to promote relaxation and comfort for the coming winter. Priced at £34.95.

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