Preparing Your Conservatory For Winter

Preparing Your Conservatory for Winter  The winter months provide the perfect opportunity to bring fresh life to your conservatory.

It’s also time to perform a few maintenance tasks to prolong its longevity and pristine appearance.

Jonathan Hey, MD of Westbury Conservatories shares his top tips for extending the enjoyment of your conservatory throughout the winter months…..

  •  Wash down the paintwork and roof glass at the start of winter.
  • Clear leaves out of the gutters, hoppers, and outlets regularly in autumn to avoid leaks and water damage.
  • If your timber threshold points are not varnished, than apply Linseed oil to renourish the wood after the dry heat of summer and to protect it from any bad weather.
  • Consider rearranging your conservatory furniture to maximise the best use of space taking advantage of closed doors.
  • Adding temporary drapes creates warmth and provides privacy to avoid a ‘fishbowl’ feel.
  • Invest in lighting in the garden using it to create focal points or to create a new view and to bring renewed enjoyment to the garden.
  • When choosing paint colours or accessories for the interior of your conservatory, remember that darker colours will instantly add warmth.
  • Colourful rugs, blankets and candles can also add to the overall feeling of a warm and cosy conservatory.
  • Lighting at low level behind furniture and plants adds background light and warmth.

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