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Advice on DIY Launch Their Bathroom DIY Web App have launched the definitive Bathroom DIY resource web app, dedicated to helping people with easy guides to those annoying DIY problems around the bathroom, whilst also increasing their home’s value at minimum cost.

Whether home owners want to drill into tiles, replace taps, or change radiators, this new web app will direct them to the best source available.

The DIY Guide has collated the best advice, tips and how-tos from around the web to enable people to increase their property’s value. The definitive DIY guide provides all you require to know about maintaining, cleaning or replacing your bathroom fittings.

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Revive Your Home With The Versatile Bosch Sanding Roller


Bosch DIY has launched the definitive power tool, designed to make sanding effortless, so that you can tackle this year’s DIY tasks with pleasure.

The Bosch Sanding Roller (PRR 250 ES) is the ultimate gadget for joining the current trend of recycling old stuff into more functional products.

The Sanding Roller is both easy in use and multipurpose, and works across a whole host of delicate materials and surfaces.

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Video Tutorials Prove To Be A Powerful Tool For DIY Enthusiasts

DIY Doctor Logo

Video is proving to be a powerful tutorial tool for DIY enthusiasts, since many people now prefer to see their DIY project being demonstrated, rather than just reading about how to do it.

For well over ten years DIY Doctor has been offering masses of DIY guidance online, but fairly recently began uploading videos to YouTube and have now achieved their One millionth view. Which makes total sense, as if you wish to discover how to accomplish something – it’s better to have it demonstrated to you by someone skilled. The same principal applies to using an unfamiliar tool, or mastering a procedure that you have just heard about. The huge number of people, who watch his videos weekly, has amazed the founder and main presenter of the demonstrations, Mike Edwards.

He is also planning to add a great deal more videos for all kinds of tools and projects very soon.

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The Brilliant New WoolSafe App For Removing Carpet Stains

The Woolsafe Carpet Stain Cleaning App

The Woolsafe Carpet Stain Cleaning App

The WoolSafe Organisation has announced the introduction of its new Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide app, which it believes will transform the way homeowners deal with carpet stains and discredit the useless cleaning folklore forever.

There is no need for panic anymore, if some red wine or other mishap stains your lovely cream carpet, as WoolSafe’s innovative award-winning app, presents step-by-step advice that will assist you to remove the nasty stain, without causing permanent harm to your carpet.

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The Defititive DIY Toolkit Is Launched By Dremel

The Ultimate DIY Toolkit

The Ultimate DIY Toolkit

Dremel has launched their ultimate DIY toolkit, which is able to tackle any job around your house and garden, just in time for those tasks you’ve planned for the bank holidays in May.

The DIY Toolkit consists of:

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Takker Can Quickly Hang Mirrors Pictures And More With Ease

Introducing Takker – a development in DIY that provides a handy solution for how we hang things in the home.

Say goodbye to the hassle of hanging pictures with hammer and nails, often the cause of broken plaster, cracked walls and sore throbbing thumbs.

For people with plasterboard walls, hanging anything up can be horrendous using raw plugs and screws, resulting in unsightly holes that are difficult to fix, when decorating or moving home.

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Enhance Your Home Living Space With A Clever Closet

UK homeowners are continually searching for new ways to increase living space and there is now an innovative new solution from The Clever Closet, which is a modular under-stairs storage unit.

Available now in a self-assembly kit form for DIY enthusiasts.

The Clever Closet is an efficient and smart structure, which provides 3 discrete sliding drawers that fit neatly under the stairwell to add purpose to an otherwise wasted space.

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New Multi-Max Tools Launched By Dremel

Dremel has launched two new Multi-Max high performance tools – the Corded Multi-Max MM20 and MM40, for tasks that need increased power and adaptability.

Both models are ideal for home DIY projects, such as installing cabinets, sanding down paint, cutting drywall, grout removal, flush cutting laminate, and creating circular cuts in drywall or concrete, over and above a full range of difficult jobs in the home.

There is also an excellent range of different Multi-Max accessories, to make sure that the job is done easily and in comfort.

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Be Energy Smart And DIY Doctor Launch A Green DIY Website.

DIY Doctor the popular source of DIY information and advice in the UK, has partnered with renewable energy expert Be Energy Smart, to provide homeowners with a centre for the latest useful green DIY information.

Consumers can easily access well-researched, simple guides on the currently available renewable energy technologies, such as biomass heating, solar power PV, as well as energy efficient fixtures and insulation, to maximise their energy efficiency at home.

When users consult a particular guide in the Green Living section of DIY Doctor’s, they will find out how that technology works, how much a system costs and the amount of funding it can draw from available government schemes like the latest Green Deal.

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Karcher DIY Multi Purpose Vacs Are Ideal For Hard Cleaning

The Kärcher Multi Purpose DIY Vac.

The Karcher series of DIY multi-purpose vacuums is designed to tackle hard cleaning jobs and is the definitive tool for DIYers.

The Karcher range of versatile vacs have forceful motors, planned to go one better than average vacuums to lift up not only tough clutter, such as wood shavings and debris, but also spilled liquids and even have the ability to unblock sinks!

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