Landscapes: A Distinctive New Collection Of Harlequin Wallpapers

The Harlequin Studio’s new collection of abstract and impressionistic non woven wallpapers, has captured the spirit of Scandinavian skies, to produce Landscapes, which is an impressive modern-day compilation launching in March this year.

Landscapes consists of 26 wallpapers in six contemporary designs, which include artistic impressions of patchwork fields, mountain ranges, rolling hills and coastal seascapes, all of which are placed against a background of the horizon.

This new collection induces a feeling of tranquillity and harmony.

Its patterns are painted in subtle shades, giving a sense of watery brushstrokes, while the low-key palette of colour plays with the suggestion of light and shade affects on mystical landscapes.

It is enhanced with soft diluted tones combined with strong, earthy shades, such as sky and teal, ink and seaglass, smoke and charcoal, pebble and slate, grass and mustard, soft clover, mandarin, pomegranate and amethyst.

Each individual wallpaper makes its own compelling statement , but can be mixed to good effect with other Landscapes patterns or colours to create your own personal work of art.

Visit the website for more information and to browse Harlequin’s extensive wallpaper collections.

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