Ambience Hardwood Flooring Is Perfect For Spring Updates .

Introducing Leicestershire based Ambience Hardwood Flooring, a company offering solid, laminate and engineered floors to suit any budget.

There is a choice of beautiful woods, featuring distinctive detailing, in a broad selection of colours, just ideal for adding a touch of character to your home.

Wood flooring offers many benefits compared to other kinds of flooring in the market.

It adds style, warmth and character to every type of property – old or new.

Original costs are certainly somewhat higher than linoleum, but they are long-lasting if normal maintenance and essential repairs are correctly attended to.

Pictured here is Engineered Oak; 148m; Oiled T&G. Priced from £30.60 per m2.

This is a genuine hardwood floor, which is extremely durable, easily cleaned and as a variety of wood it is exclusive and unrivalled in its splendour.

Kempas wood, a more exotic flooring is also offered, as well as the usual conventional timbers, so whether you’re seeking a bold colour that is certain to make a statement, or delicate tones for an elegant timeless finish, Ambience flooring will have something appropriate.

Solid Blacknut flooring 120mm,pictured right is a great substitute for American Black Walnut since it is somewhat harder, but also possesses a lot more varied and contrasty grain, that compels attention.

Intense creams and rich dark browns provide this flooring with a luxurious appeal and as it’s supplied in both engineered and solid structures; the choice is yours, dependent on the area available for installation.

This flooring can also be fitted with ease, due to its tongue and groove structure. Priced from from £46.80 per m2

All of Ambience Hardwood Flooring’s woods are sourced from prudently managed sources and come in oil, lacquered, or untreated finishes.


Ambience Hardwood Flooring aims to provide wooden flooring that presents your home in an exclusive palette of style, opportunity, personality and comfort like no other brand.

The company stocks a full range of solid, laminate and engineered flooring to suit any budget, in various finishes such as oil, lacquer, or simply unfinished, to enable you to realize your ideal look.

For further information and to see Ambience Hardwood Flooring’s extensive collection of stunning wood flooring, visit the website.


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