Hwam’s Stoves With Autopilot Create 40% More Heat

Hwam's Stoves With Autopilot Create 40% More Heat   One of the cheapest and most energy saving ways of heating your home is considered to be a woodburning stove and now you can go one better, by choosing a stove with the patented autopilot, as integrated on all of the Hwam stoves from Euroheat.

As well as having a style and size of stove to suit any space, all stoves in The Hwam collection from Euroheat not only feature the patented autopilot, which ensures best possible consumption of the wood being burned, but also are of a size and style to suit any space.

This level of fuel use effectiveness, means that Hwam woodburning stoves produce up to 40 per cent more heat, while being up to 17 per cent more efficient overall than a stove without an autopilot, and use considerably less wood.

So consumers achieve more heat for their money, while also having a more eco friendly way of heating the home than with gas or oil!

How does the Autopilot work?
The autopilot on all Hwam stoves, includes a small spring, which automatically adjusts the air intake, to make certain that the wood is burnt as efficiently as possible, leaving you to sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth from the fire.

All of Euroheat’s woodburning stoves are appropriate for use in smoke-free, urban areas. Also use of the autopilot, ensures emissions from many of Hwam stoves will be even less than on a standard woodburning stove, making them one of the greenest heating options available.

Hwam stoves also feature a superior finish down to the very last detail, as well as a woodburning stove that creates a striking focal point suitable for any situation.

About Euroheat The Natural Energy Company
Euroheat has grown steadily over nearly ten years, into one of the UK’s leading wood burning stove suppliers and biomass boiler fuel companies in the UK.

For more information and to see the complete range of quality Hwam Scandanavian stoves, just visit the Euroheat website.
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