Ludlow Stoves Offers Solutions For Cooking And Heating

The Valentina Wood Burning Cooker

Summer is here bringing warmth at last, so the last thing you want to think about is heating your home.
However, bearing in mind the ever-rising cost of oil and gas, having a wood burning stove or boiler installed during the warmer months is a good idea, as heating engineers can often be more flexible out of season.

Ludlow Stoves offers a variety of solutions to your cooking and heating problems, as the company presents a range of smart Italian wood burning cookers that not only heat your home, but also warm your kitchen:

Featured here is The Valentina, an elegant, curvy and efficient wood burning cooker.

  • The doors enable you to see both the food and the fire blazing, providing a great focal point to your kitchen.
  • It has a single oven with a space below, used to store wood and tools and ensures the fuel is nice and dry.
  • The top is made of cast iron, with a large hot plate in the middle for cooking splendid meals.  Output: 7KW. Priced at: £1855 + Free Delivery.

The Ilaria, wood burning cooker.

  • Has a large oven and hot plate, 2 glass doors so you can see the logs burning and your sumptuous food cooking.
  • Heating your home and water for an average 4 bedroom house, priced at £2,950 is an economical investment. Ludlow Stoves also offer a full installation service with Hetas approved engineers. Ilaria cooker and boiler output 27.3 KW.

How to get the best out of your stove:

  • Ensure that your wood is dry and seasoned.
  • Buying a moisture meter is a great investment.
  • Have your chimney swept often to ensure it draws effectively and is safe.
  • When buying a stove ensure that it is the right size for the room.
  • A Hetas engineer will sign off your appliance ensuring it has been installed safely.

For further information and to see the entire range of Ludlow Stoves’ wood burning stoves and heaters, please visit the website.
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