Wood Burning Stoves

Stoves that can burn wood. (May also be multifuel).

New Scan 65 Wood Burning Stove Range Launched By Jøtul


Jøtul’s latest Scan 65 wood burning stove range is medium sized, with a big glass door and provides unlimited choices to improve any setting.

The Scan 65 delivers exceptional efficiency and is the perfect example of form and function, working in harmony together.

Scan 65’s have an exceptional soft close door arrangement, which is standard on all models, that allows you to close the door without turning a handle; as well as a choice of side windows, or solid sides, aluminium or black handles/trim, Sandstone or Soapstone clad and an integral bake oven model.

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Biomass Heating Offers A Great Return On Your Investment

The SHT, TDA Thermodual 40 boiler from Euroheat.

The SHT, TDA Thermodual 40 boiler from Euroheat.

Since most savings accounts offer a poor interest rate these days, lots of savers are now searching for other ways to save their hard earned money that can achieve a better return.

With the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive in mind, the solution could be provided, by a decision to use a biomass boiler to provide heating in your home.

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Introducing Firebelly Wood Burning Stoves From Ludlow

Razen Range cooker

Introducing Firebelly a UK company, which manufactures beautifully designed multi fuel and wood burning stoves, with the most up-to-date technology to provide all you might wish from a modern stove.

The Firebelly FB Razen Cook cooker, featured (top) is a sleek example of contemporary design, which is sure to fit into every kitchen environment. The Firebelly Razen is a striking contemporary oven in smooth stainless steel, that delivers a liberal 10 KW output. It boasts chunky steel legs and sides, with big glass doors for both firebox and oven and firebox and every part is made by hand and put together individually. Priced at £4,180 Inc Vat with free delivery.

The new Firebelly FB2 stove delivers a huge 12kW output and has a large viewing window.

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The Wood-Burning Baker’s Oven From Ludlow Stoves

Nectre Bakers Oven

Introducing the Baker’s Oven from Ludlow Stoves Ltd. – a unique mix of an oven and a heater with a technique from a bygone age.

The Nectre Baker’s Oven can bake anything from succulent roasts to crisp fresh bread and the cook-top accommodates four big pots or saucepans and its two removable plates make it perfect for wok cooking.

The Oven distributes cosy warmth throughout your living and kitchen areas while it’s cooking and the 11kW output can heat an area upto 90m2.

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Jotul UK Launch The ILD 7 Wood Burner – Offering Efficiency At Low Cost

ILD 7 Wood Burning Stove

The Jøtul Group has introduced the ILD 7 to its popular collection of wood burning stoves.

This new convection stove is compact and boasts best possible ‘clean burn’ burning and a smart cylindrical design with built-in handle, suitable for any room in the home.

There is practical wood storage, fashionable steel sides and an option for a door that can be fitted to the base.

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Heat Your Home With Wood This Winter To Earn RHI Cash Back

Biomass Boiler

Introducing Euroheat‘s Rika Evo Aqua central heating boiler – a stove that can run a whole central heating system plus providing hot water on wood pellets.

It’s generally accepted that using wood for heating your home makes economic and ecological sense:

There is now an added incentive to make the change with the Government’s recent announcement that it intends to pay cash back to households, which choose to use renewable heat technologies, including biomass boilers, as part of the domestic RHI. (Renewable Heat Incentive).

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The Rika Como Stove Can Be Lit Remotely With Your Phone

COMO Remote Controlled Stove]

You wouldn’t expect wood burning stoves to become the latest high tech device for home use…

However, the Euroheat’s Rika stoves now feature the most up-to-date remote control equipment that can be activated with a mobile phone.

While heating the home using wood has been shown to be an energy efficient and cost effective choice, Rika stoves now provide you with even more control over temperature and heating times, as they are self-fuelling and self-lighting!

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The eVolution 4 And 7 Wood-Burning Stoves From Ludlow

Ludlow Stoves have announced eVolution 4 and eVolution 7 wood-burning stoves that represent an important development for manufacturer Broseley.

Ludlow Stoves believe that these new stoves are going to be a hugely popular with their customers.

Inset stoves offer a solution for exchanging an unproductive open fire into a cost-effective, competent wood-burning stove.

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Ludlow Stoves New Range of Italian Woodburning Cookers.

The de Manincor Domino 8 Wood Cooker Stove

Ludlow Stoves who specialise in Italian wood burning cookers, stoves and boilers, have just teamed up with the de Manincor, an Italian company celebrated for excellent craftsmanship, to offer a striking range of colourful contemporary wood burning

It is now recognised that wood is a convenient and renewable source of energy that provides low-cost heating systems – optimising combustion, means maximizing energy output, while minimizing pollution!

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Ludlow Stoves Offers Solutions For Cooking And Heating

The Valentina Wood Burning Cooker

Summer is here bringing warmth at last, so the last thing you want to think about is heating your home.
However, bearing in mind the ever-rising cost of oil and gas, having a wood burning stove or boiler installed during the warmer months is a good idea, as heating engineers can often be more flexible out of season.

Ludlow Stoves offers a variety of solutions to your cooking and heating problems, as the company presents a range of smart Italian wood burning cookers that not only heat your home, but also warm your kitchen:

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