Electric Underfloor Heating From FloorHeatingDirect

Electric Underfloor Heating From FloorHeatingDirectFloorHeatingDirect the UK home heating specialists, supply quality electric under floor heating systems at an affordable price.
The current technical developments in the construction of buildings and the enormous improvements in insulation techniques, has caused customers to demand a higher level of sophistication and reliability.
Floor heating systems create a very pleasant heat radiation due to the equable distribution of heat over the entire floor surface; other benefits include:

  • The floor temperature reaches a pleasant comfortable level, providing the same temperature from floor to ceiling.
  • No more cold feet and hot head.
  • No more cold drafts at floor level.
  • No radiators taking up valuable wall space, which means you can experience total freedom in your interior furnishing.

The company supplies both Mat and Cable floor heating systems to fit all requirements – the Mat System as featured in the photograph is designed to go under tiles, stone, marble, or slate etc. and can be installed on concrete and prepared timber bases, directly in flexible tile adhesive; the mat has an output of 150 watts per m².

The digital self-adjusting clock thermostats are easily programmed to provide a high standard of comfort.

All the FloorHeatingDirect products are fully certified to the highest European standards and meet all current UK & European regulations and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Web: http://www.floorheatingdirect.com
Tel:   (0870) 8506704

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