Cut Cost And Boost Performance Of Your Central Heating

 Cut Cost And Boost Performance Of Your Central Heating
The UK launch of the unique Oxyvent Tank, will be great news for homeowners eager to cut heating costs in the home.

This pioneering new tank, which is small enough to fit into an airing cupboard, cuts fuel use, heating bills and carbon emissions, whilst heating a home more efficiently.

It will even solve common domestic heating problems and reduce maintenance costs, in any of the 22 million homes in the UK with a water-based heating system – new or old.

Paul Worswick, Oxyvent Director, said: “Colder winters and rising heating bills mean people want products that will drive down heating bills, but they also want to make sure they feel the benefit of the heating they do pay for.”

What does the Oxyvent tank do?

  • It forces radiators to radiate more heat out into the centre of a room so homeowners get the benefit of the heat, not the walls or ceilings as happens with conventional systems.
  • It imposes boiler temperatures to be set at 60 degrees (65 degrees when heating water), using much less fuel thus cutting the cost of heating bills.
  • It increases the efficiency of condensing boilers as the cooler water running through the system, means the boiler will be in condensing mode a lot more of the time, saving more fuel and money.
  • It makes hot water flow around the central heating system much faster, which fixes problems such as odd radiators in a home that don’t work or radiators with cold areas.
  • It takes the air out of a central heating system, so there is no need to bleed radiators and it also radically reduces corrosion in radiators, reducing the build up of sludge and reducing the need for power flushing.
  • When an Oxyvent Tank is installed with a condensing boiler, the savings and efficiencies are significantly increased compared to a standard boiler installation.

How much energy and money does it really save?
Following thousands of installs in Ireland, where the Oxyvent patented technology was invented, testing by Trinity College Dublin found that people felt 30% more comfortable in a room heated by a boiler with an Oxyvent tank installed set to 63 degrees, than when the boiler was set to 74 degrees prior to installation.

Taking an energy bill of £1200, £684 of this goes on heating space in your home (57% according to DECC energy trends 2009). With energy providers announcing price rises of up to 18%, homeowners could see this rise to £807.
Installs to date show the Oxyvent could save up to 30% on energy bills, so a house with an Oxyvent tank installed would see the central heating portion of their bill drop to £565. That’s an overall saving of £242.

Launch price of £495 RRP exc. VAT if purchased before 1st October 2011. Usual price £560 RRP. exc. VAT.

The Oxyvent tank is available to order online at

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