Vertigo Flueless Gas Fire

The Vertigo Flueless Gas Fire from Chesneys

Chesney’s – the leading supplier of period fireplaces in the UK has departed from tradition, and introduced a range of flueless gas fires that don’t need a chimney – or a fireplace!

A conventional gas fire discharges its fumes through a flue, or up the chimney as they contain harmful carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, quite a bit of heat is lost at the same time.

The new breed of flueless gas fires remove the carbon monoxide by using a catalytic converter, so no heat is lost – the fire is 100% efficient! You can also locate a flueless gas fire anywhere in the room, not just in a fireplace or on an outside wall – allowing you to create a superb focal point.

The Chesneys flueless gas fires are available in three sizes with either a curved or flat screen. The Vertigo (pictured) costs £1,422.

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