Enerfoil Bio Fireplaces – Provide An Ideal Solution

Toscana Bio-fuel FireplaceEnerfoil Magnum’s designers have come up with innovative designs for Bio-fireplaces, which can be used in modern or period houses without the disruption caused by installing a chimney or flue in your home.

These real fires don’t require any specialist installation, since there is no smoke or smell from the environmentally friendly Bio-fuel; just one litre will burn for 3 to 5 hours, with a heat output of 2.0 kW.

There is a range of designs on offer, from the contemporary Jupiter model to the more traditional Windsor in Antique Cherry or the corner Calvados fireplace.

The Toscana fireplace featured here adds a new dimension to interior design and could create a heart-warming focal point in any room.

Bio Fireplaces provide an ideal 21st Century solution to the provision of warmth and ambience, without damaging our environment or incurring the expense of a chimney installation.

The Bio-Fire comes complete with sand, ceramic logs and stones, fuel pot and a safety lighter.

H: 868mm / W: 1042mm / D: 652mm

Priced at £2279 includes – Bio Fire, 1 Box of Fuel, VAT & Delivery.

Web: http://www.glassfires.co.uk
Tel: 01887 822 999

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