The Hi Lo Radiator From Quinn Gives 25% More Heat

The Hi Lo RadiatorIntroducing Quinn’s Hi Lo range of really efficient panel central heating radiators that generate 25% more heat than comparable models.

Quinn’s Compact Round Top radiators incorporate modern technology, which maximises heat output using water efficiently for less cost.

A radiator that uses less boiler energy plus less water at a low temperature provides a more competent heating system overall.

The Hi Lo radiators are future-proofed to perform perfectly with other energy sources.

They include a 25mm waterway so that they contain around 31% less water than like products, so need less energy to heat them.

This also results in around 17% more metal in touch with the water, so that they heat up quicker and increase the heat experienced when the radiator heats up.

The Hi Lo radiators also have extra convection for circulating the air and use the latest welding technology for the best possible fin position.

Unlike standard radiators, the fins are welded to the water channels, instead of in between, resulting in the heat being passed directly to the fin, thus boosting responsiveness and output.

The Hi Lo radiator collection includes two models, the Compact and the Round Top; both are available nationwide from a network of stockists.

On-site after sales support and a ten-year guarantee is provided.

For further information and to browse Quinn’s Extensive Ranges of Central Heating radiators visit the website.

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