Innovative Home Energy Saving Products From Greenstamp

Costs for and gas and electricity have risen to an all time high and weather forecasters predict extremely cold winter conditions ahead.

However, now you can reduce heating bills this winter, using products from eco friendly specialists, to enable you to stay cosy and warm without breaking the bank.

The Heatkeeper Radiator Panels are designed to increase the heat coming from your radiators and operate by reflecting the heat from the rear of the radiator back into the room.

This heat is usually absorbed by the back wall, whereas when reflected back by Heatkeeper panels output of your radiators is boosted by up to 1/3rd.

The panels are easily fitted and there is no need to take off the radiator or employ a plumber, which means you can save up to 20% of your costs for heating this winter by turning down the thermostat and yet stay just as warm. Priced from only £12.99.

The Radiator Booster (pictured here) is another very clever device that draws up the heat from the radiator, by use of a low power fan that distributes it around the room.

In this way the room is heated much quicker, causing your boiler to shut down earlier and save you money.

Estimated savings by using the booster are £70 to £140 from your annual heating costs year after year. Priced at £24.95.

Eco Flap Letter Box. Poorly fitting letterboxes permit cold air to enter the house and heat to escape. The innovative Eco Letterbox Plate stops this, yet allows normal use. It even closes tighter the stronger the wind blows! This easily fitted device will save money for anybody with a draughty hall. Priced at £22.99.

The Floorboard Draught Excluder. Wooden floors look amazing, but in time the floorboards expand and contract, causing gaps through which, draughts of cold air enter the house.

Now using the Stop Gap Floorboard Draught Excluder, you can seal those gaps and stop draughts cooling your rooms. Easy to use, no need for DIY skills and much cheaper than renewing old floorboards. Priced at £19.99.

For further information and to discover more Green Stamp heat saving products and ideas, visit the website.

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