Stimulate Your Senses With Innova

Stimulate Your Senses With Innova The bathroom industry is seeing an increase in hi-tech and multi-functional products entering the market – those that offer not only the basic cleaning functions, but also an ease of living and a sense of luxury and relaxation.

Highlighting its long-standing commitment to design and innovation, Roca has incorporated advanced technology into a new product, Innova – a mirror that allows you to see, touch and hear.

Innova is a generously proportioned mirror for the bathroom, albeit one with a difference. It comes with an integrated touchpad embedded within the glass, with time and room temperature display.

With this super cool touchpad, you’re also one “touch” away from your personal home entertainment.

Installed with a stereo FM radio as well as the option of connecting an auxiliary audio source (e.g. an MP3 player), Innova offers you the choice of listening to music and audio programmes in the comfort of your bathroom.

What’s more, every time the fluorescent light embedded inside the mirror is switched on, the demister device will be activated to keep the surface free of moisture.

What makes Innova even more extraordinary is that everything is fitted behind the glass, making it extremely easy to clean but also aesthetically pleasing and understated.
Available in two sizes 1000x790mm (approx. £1,410) and 790x790mm (approx. £1,234).

Innova will help stimulate your senses, allowing you to relax and refresh your body and soul!For further information please visit the Roca website.

Tel: (01530) 830080

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