The Byte 2.0 Collection Is The Zen Of Good-Looking Bathrooms

Byte 2 Collection1The best-looking bathrooms today are planned with great expertise and care. Asymmetric furniture modules can supply dedicated storage and architectural good looks that bring a Zen-like calm and order.

Alternative Bathrooms have introduced the Byte 2.0 Collection to provide both the capability and the products required to accomplish this extremely elegant and refined style.

Featured here are the Byte 2.0 Collection furniture and accessories:

  • Cleanness of line is balanced by texture.
  • Floating storage units finished in white Ash and matt lacquer, are contrasted with wall storage in high gloss metal.
  • The furniture is anchored within the space with the wooden floor and dark grey walls.
  • The pure white basin and bath are made in smooth, ultra-modern materials that highlight the minimalist, contemporary aesthetic.

Byte 2 Collection 2Prices :

Basin console and basin – £1211

Open floor units for storage -£1112

Asymmetric wall units -£1047

Mirror – £1320

Open wall units – £1401

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