New Tile Collections By Leading Designer Nick Munro

NEW Tile Collections By Leading Designer Nick Munro Well known for his role on BBC1’s High Street Dreams, Nick Munro is celebrated as one of Britain’s most original and innovative designers – and now he’s launching two new collections with Fired Earth.

The two new tile collections – Roman Mosaics and Welsh Mountain Slate are designed to be both beautiful and functional.

“I’m really excited about the new tile collections,” says Nick. “Welsh Slate is a great product. I love the Welsh mountains and I love the colours when the sun breaks through – the green meadows, crystal streams, blue skies – and, of course, the perfect blue-grey of the slate.

“It’s brilliant for wall and floor tiles as you can cut it very precisely and it doesn’t peel, making it safe to walk on.”

Nick and his wife, Ali – a textile designer – have also worked together to create a new mosaic collection for Fired Earth.

“When Fired Earth asked me to work with them on a new collection of hand made mosaic tiles, it gave me the perfect opportunity to work on a joint project with Ali, who is a brilliant textile designer.

The two of us looked at the original Fired Earth mosaics and we loved the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the Tunisian artisans, but decided that we could bring a new and more contemporary spirit to this ancient process.

We’ve created both geometric and figurative designs in an unusual colour palette of ochres, reds, greys and oranges.”

With Nick’s brilliant eye for design and instinctive understanding that Fired Earth wants to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional, these new collections are set to become design classics.

Roman Mosaics
Using an organic palette of Tunisian stone and marrying it with geometric patterns inspired by Roman baths and spas, the couple have achieved a new perspective on mosaic art.

Unique and evocative, as suggested by their names – Ludo, Maze, Lattice, Pyramid, Tartan and Rooftops – they can be used as details to add interest to a room, or using a whole panel to fundamentally change the space within which they are used.

Suitable for most purposes, looking equally stunning on walls and floors. Priced at £44.94 each. Pictured here is the lattice design.

To view the striking new Nick Munro tile collections please visit the Fired Fired Earth website.
Tel: (0845) 366 0400

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