Excelsior Launches The All-Inclusive Central Heating Web.

Home Page of Central Heating Web.

The Central Heating Web Home Page

Many of us are anxiously looking for ways to reduce energy use in our homes and lower our heating bills due to the soaring cost of energy.

Statistics show that heating our home and the hot water for domestic use, accounts for over half of the money we spend on fuel.

So it follows that an efficient central heating system is a fundamental part of an energy-efficient property.

In response to this demand, Excelsior Information Systems (the owner of UK Home Ideas) has launched www.Central HeatingWeb.co.uk.

Their aim was to create an independent source of high quality information, as most of the existing websites belong to manufacturers of central heating products, trade bodies or other organisations with an agenda to promote. Unlike Excelsior, which is a publishing company, with no hidden programme, or bias.

The company has invested heavily to conduct extensive original research for this new website, enabling them to bring you valuable comprehensive, independent information to help inform your decisions.

So before you make any important choices, prepare yourself by reading the articles on this user-friendly site.

It makes good sense to become an informed buyer and well organized to make the best choice and achieve the best deal.

We think you will enjoy using CentralHeatingWeb.co.uk and feel confident that you will find it helpful, in preparing you for what is a very significant purchase.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact Excelsior Information systems – who will be pleased to hear from you.

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