The Cove Stove

The Cove 2 multifuel stove from Charnwood

The weather forecasters are predicting the coldest winter for years, so there’s something comforting about the thought of cosy evenings around a real fire. Unfortunately, while an open fire is very attractive – it’s often not very efficient, creating draughts and losing a lot of heat straight up the chimney.

A stove on the other hand is far more efficient – especially a modern one like this brand new Cove 2 multifuel stove from Charnwood, which incorporates the latest clean-burn technologies to maximise the heat you get from your fuel.

If you choose to burn wood, you can enjoy the warmth with a clear conscience too – because wood is a renewable resource, and burning it doesn’t contribute to global warming.

With the prices of gas and oil rising sharply, this could be a great time to add a woodburning stove to your house. This Cove 2 (pictured) is rated at 8kW, and has an RRP of £1200. A Cove 3 is also available, rated at 12kW, costing £1650. Both are available in a choice of 7 colours.

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