Save Around £400 A Year On Your Energy Bills

 Save Around £400 A Year On Your Energy Bills We are all facing another large increase in fuel prices in the UK this winter, so now might be the right time to consider installing a multi fuel or wood burning stove.

A wood burning stove can save around £400 a year on your energy bills.

There are many other benefits of installing a stylish wood burning stove in your home:

  • Open fireplaces let up to 90% of the heat escape up the chimney, thus wasting fuel and burning money.
  • Performance of multi fuel or wood burning stoves, is measured in efficiency ratings and the higher the rating, the more efficient the stove.
  • High performance stoves cost a lot less to run, typically attain 80% efficiency, cleaner burning and produce fewer carbon emissions.
  • Well-designed wood burning stoves are lined with vermiculite – a natural mineral that expands with the application of heat. Vermiculite helps to increase the stove temperature improving efficiency, saves money on fuel as less wood is burned.
  • A wood burning stove is a much cleaner option than an open fire.
  • For instance, when using a WilsonBailey wood burning stove every day, the ash pan only needs emptying once a fortnight, which is nothing like as messy as clearing out an open fire grate daily.
  • WilsonBailey high performance multi fuel and wood burning stoves are British made, and suitable for all homes. Priced from £1450.

Another essential feature to include when you’re considering installing a wood burning stove is a ‘clean glass’ airwash system, which ensures you will always see the flickering flames and glowing embers. A poorly designed stove means you’ll end up cleaning the blackened window on a regular basis..

If you haven’t used your fireplace for a long time it’s essential to get an inspection to check the chimney is sound and the flue is in good working order, by consulting a professional chimney sweep in your local area. (The National Association of Chimney Sweeps).

Finally, when it comes to installing your multi fuel or wood burning stove, always get it done by an expert.

For detailed information about WilsonBailey stoves, or help with both installation questions and general stove enquiries, please visit the website.

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