BeWarmer Introduces RugBuddy Conservatory Heating For Spring/Summer 2015


BeWarmer Limited the specialist in on-and in-flooring heating , has introduced an under rug heater called RugBuddyâ„¢.

The RugBuddy™ is a flat electric heater that has been developed to be used under a rug in any room including  your conservatory and warms the area from the ground up.

It just costs a few pence an hour to use and also enables you to utilise the conservatory for a greater period during the year.

RugBuddyâ„¢ is healthy, safe and silent, with none of the disadvantages of traditional portable heating appliances.

An advanced heater element is at the core of all BeWarmer’s floor heating products including the RugBuddy™.

Its thin design allows BeWarmer heating to be employed in any room in the home, without the need to change the floor level.

In addition you can cut your heating costs too: The Energy Saving Trust declares that you will save £75 per year, for each 1degC that you turn down your C/H thermostat.

BeWarmer says that existing RugBuddy™ users find that they can set their room thermostats 3degC lower, which saves them a massive £225 per year.

The RugBuddyâ„¢ typical running costs for a size of 1.25m x 1.6m, is 250 Watts, at just 4p an hour!

NB You do need an underlay of some sort under the RugBuddy – see RugBuddy FAQs on the website.

RugBuddy can only be bought online in the UK from BeWarmer Ltd.

For further information and to view an informative video about RugBuddy under rug heating, go to the website.

Tel:  (0333) 121 0160

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