Gel Fireplaces

The Steel Affinity Flame Fire From Gel Fireplaces

The Steel Affinity Flame Fire From Gel Fireplaces

Easily create your own freestanding real fire, flue less, smokeless and environmentally friendly, with the help of Gel Fireplaces, who supply quality flue less fireplaces, burners and fires.

They offer an exclusive range of stylish Gel Fireplaces and Gel fire baskets, from contemporary stainless steel to more traditional pieces, which incorporate a unique drawer system to enable easy refilling; the fire also lights as easily as a candle and is extinguished with a snuffer.

The featured Steel Affinity Flame fire is a compact fireplace available in stainless steel or black satin fascia with a curved mirrored interior; the fuel reservoir is “line of fire” style and includes a stainless steel mirrored lid.

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Enerfoil Bio Fireplaces – Provide An Ideal Solution

Toscana Bio-fuel Fireplace

Enerfoil Magnum’s designers have come up with innovative designs for Bio-fireplaces, which can be used in modern or period houses without the disruption caused by installing a chimney or flue in your home.

These real fires don’t require any specialist installation, since there is no smoke or smell from the environmentally friendly Bio-fuel; just one litre will burn for 3 to 5 hours, with a heat output of 2.0 kW.

There is a range of designs on offer, from the contemporary Jupiter model to the more traditional Windsor in Antique Cherry or the corner Calvados fireplace.

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Bask In The Real Flame Of A GlassFire

The Apollo Glassfire from Enerfoil

The exceptional secret of the GlassFires from Enerfoil lies in the real flame of a beautiful orange hue, which flickers in a glass cylinder.

These beautiful fires are available in a range of fascinating bases including Italian Glass, marble, Finnish soapstone, polished aluminium, ceramic or Venge wood.

The imposing Apollo GlassFire (pictured) created in cut glass plate and polished aluminium reflects real style and impact.

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The GEL Fireflame for a Warm Romantic Atmosphere

The Gel Fireflame

The Innovative Gel Fireflame is a stainless steel fireplace, which simply hangs on the wall like a picture to create the warm romantic atmosphere, which only an attractive glowing open fire can offer.

This stylish minimalist fireplace is curved in design, to create the illusion of “a hole in the wall” without the cost and domestic upset of installation.

The Fireflame gel fire is environmentally friendly, simply installed and requires no power supply, or chimney flue as it is smokeless.

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