Enjoy Summer For Longer With The Tambora Bioethanol Fire

The Tambora Bioethanol Fire

The Tambora bioethanol fire from Living It Up enables you to enjoy Summer for just that little bit longer, by providing heating for barbecues and garden cocktail parties in the evenings, even after the season has turned.

The Tambora bioethanol fire takes a contemporary form, making a striking feature, with its white ‘U’ shaped frame suspended between two glass sides.

  • Versatile and easily moved, the Tambora can be used outside as well as in.
  • The Tambora has been skilfully assembled from top-quality materials: high-grade stainless steel, tempered glass and durable paint.
  • Burner Capacity: 4.0 hours (approximately) with full reservoir. Holds 1L of fuel. The adjustable stainless steel fuel box changes the intensity of the flame and is easy to remove and clean. Comes with an ignition tool.
  • Priced at £299, including 12 litres of free fuel. H61 x W80 x D30cm.

It may be getting colder outside, but with one of these unconventional biofuel fires you can ward off the chill and enjoy being outdoors for longer.

The fire is fuelled by bioethanol, a renewable and green energy source, derived from the sugars of wheat and rape seed; so this fires produces no more carbon dioxide than when you exhale, making it a good choice for the environmentally conscious.

Furthermore the Tambora, when brought indoors creates a focal point, instantly bringing not just heat but glamour and style to the room.
Pearl Sofa (as pictured): £549.

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