Bio Fires Launch A New Range Of Flueless Fireplaces

Bio Fires Launch A New Range Of Flueless FireplacesAfter many years of research and development Bio Fires has launched a new range of high quality and stylish flue-less bio-fireplaces.

Bio Fires are an innovative green solution for the 21st century that doesn’t use our rapidly diminishing fossil fuels, or damage our environment:

These environmentally friendly fires do not require a chimney or any complex installation.

They are now fuelled by a pure plant derivative called “Bio-Fuel” (denatured ethanol), which is odourless and smokeless, producing absolutely no residue or harmful emissions.

The new bio-ethanol fireplaces, provide up to six hours burning time and are now more effective and economically efficient than the original gel fires.

The flames can also be regulated with a newly patented combustion chamber, which makes these fireplaces almost indistinguishable from gas fires and gives off the same amount of heat as electric fires.

This exclusive range of stylish bio fireplaces and bio fire baskets, made in contemporary stainless steel modes and more traditional pieces, create an instant focal point and ambience in any room.

The Platinum Flame model featured, is a novel and avant-garde grey powder coated fireplace, with a see-through flame window.

This sculptured geometric piece, makes an ideal focal point, even when unlit; push it against the wall (with the protective back plate), or locate it as an island in the middle of the room, or use it to create a cosy corner.

Dimensions: 115Hx60Wx17D cm.
Retail price: £625.

These luxurious and pioneering new fires will be essential for heating the eco-friendly houses of the future!


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