The Origami Fireplace From Encompass Furniture

 The Flueless Origami Fireplace From Encompass FurnitureThe Conmoto Origami ethanol fireplace can be hung anywhere around the house without a flue connection, bringing an atmospheric mood to any room in your home.

The slanting transition from body to wall symbolises the free dynamics of the fire.

Even when unlit, the Origami can be a cubist item for the modern interior.

The seemingly gently folded, slim line outer panel replaces the heaviness of a conventional fireplace and puts the fire at centre stage.

The eye is drawn to focus on the flame as through a telescope, an impression enhanced by the finely framed combustion chamber, set further back.

The protective front screen can be easily opened for ignition and refilling.

The intensity of the flame can be infinitely regulated, with the two slides on the underside of the cube.

The air in the room is heated by convection.

Origami is available aligned to the left or to the right, priced at £1193.

Height: 65 cm
Width: 39 cm
Depth left: 35 cm
Weight: 27 kg
Fuel: Liquid bio-alcohol

Tel: (02392) 410045

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