Domia Ten -The Latest Incarnation Of The X10 System

Domia Ten -The Latest Incarnation Of The X10 SystemX10 has been used since the 1960’s and is now a world wide standard for sending a signal over your existing mains circuitry to enable home automation.

Domia Ten is the latest incarnation of the original X10 system; no messy wiring is required, you simply plug your lamp or appliance into a Domia Ten module, which then plugs into your wall outlet.

Each Domia Ten module can have its own unique address to control individual devices so that multiple devices can be used.

Whilst Domia Ten retains full backward compatibility with the original X10 systems, it now offers a much improved range and greatly increased reliability; in particular it has better filtering capabilities, which makes it more robust in ‘noisy’ environments.

There is a variety of Domia Ten products available catering for many of your home automation needs. They are ergonomically designed, easy to program and offer visible feedback of activity through LED lights.

There are 13 individual modules – not all are necessary for the system to function – but are available only to expand the system capabilities.

Should you wish to control the appliances or lights in the home from your PC, just obtain and install the Harmony software plus the X10 interface and you’re ready to go.

Also the Harmony Media Center software will enable you to control your home through your TV, PC or remotely via the Internet.

With Harmony and Domia extensions, you can integrate your CCTV, use remote controls to dim your lights, include motion sensors to turn appliances or lights on when you walk into a room; set up a chain of commands triggered by an event, such as a security alert – the possibilities are almost endless!


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