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Kolarz Launch A Gorgeous New Collection Of Flower Lights

Flower Lights

KOLARZ®, the foremost Austrian lighting company has introduced a new range of flower lights.

The KOLARZ new collection of flower lights, includes two sizes of pendant lights, matching table lamps and wall lights. They are delicate, stylish, very attractive and made from hand blown Murano glass.

Twister Rosy, pictured, is one of the stunning new flower lights, which is offered in either a chrome or 24ct gold finish; the glass roses turn and twist like fine tendrils and come in a gorgeous golden yellow, rich red, black and clear Murano glass.

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Louis Poulsen Has Introduced The Toldbod 120 Duo Pedant Lights

Toldbod 120 Duo1

Louis Poulsen has launched a range of brand new colour combinations in its popular Toldbod 120 pendants range.

The Toldbod 120 pendants new colour blends include:


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KOLARZ Fantasy – The Modern And Bold Crystal Chandelier

Kolarz Fantasy

KOLARZ® the luxury lighting firm have introduced their innovative Fantasy collection of hand blown Murano glass chandeliers (LED).

Designed by Peter Florian a leading lighting designer, the Fantasy range consists of oblong pendant, wall and ceiling lights that present an exciting and bold version of the classic chandelier.

Rectangular elements of Murano glass, hand blown and of different sizes, have been used to make these lights, in an inventive and creative way.

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LED Lighting Saves Energy Cuts Bills And Keeps You Cool

LED Home Lighting

Changing your home lighting to LED could help you keep cool while the sweltering weather continues in the UK, with the added bonus of saving energy, plus a massive 90% on your lighting costs.*

Halogens and fluorescent lighting generate considerable amounts of extra heat, whilst environment friendly LEDs produce virtually none, thus offering the opportunity to keep your home much cooler this summer.

LED’s are extremely energy efficient as they consume 90% less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs.

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Frankled – The New Energy Efficient Lighting Website Launched

Franklite Limited has announced the introduction of their new website, WWW.FRANKLED.COM , devoted to help in the reduction of energy usage, maintenance and cost of lighting.

The company is confident that together with their C12 catalogue, they can successfully provide lighting for any size and style of property, by using up-to-the-minute lighting technology.

Frankled Lighting is up to 80% more efficient than standard lighting!

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The Lighting Store Introduces The Pioneering Jake Dyson CSYS Light

The Lighting Store has announced that it is now the authorized stockist of the novel Jake Dyson CSYS light.

The CSYS task light comes in cream, black, white, red or blue from online and in store.

The light is a fully dimmable and adjustable, LED lamp that unites excellent design with the latest technology.

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Brighten Up Your Home With Gardman’s Pillar Candles And Candle Lanterns

Gardman specialises in high quality products for the home and garden and now stock an enormous range of pillar candles, candle hardware and tealights to brighten up your home and garden, during the gloomy days of winter.

It’s great to come home to the warmth and cheer of roaring fire and a room flickering with tealights and candles in lanterns:


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Add A Touch Of Glamour Lighting To Your Home This Christmas

Value Lights offer a striking lighting range motivated by The Arco Floor Lamp, one of the most admired floor lamps made, which was itself stimulated by Italian street lights in the 1960s.

So why not add a touch of charm to your home, with an out of the ordinary floor lamp from Value Lights?

There is a exciting variety of home lighting available these days and you can provide your home with a brand new look without spending a fortune.

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Say Goodbye To Winter Blues With Eco Daylight Bulbs

Evidently one in four Brits will endure Seasonal Affective Disorder,(SAD) when the longer nights set in, due to the brain receiving a reduced amount of daylight, which it needs to generate serotonin, the hormone that controls our mood.

Now help is at hand, with the latest eco light bulb that emulates the sun’s normal white light and can assist in defeating the winter blues.

The Daylight MiniSun is a new type of LED lighting that not only helps homeowners decrease their energy usage, but also supplies a fresh white light that is very near to daylight.

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Energy Saving Home Lighting From Value Lights

The Green Frog Energy Spotlight

With the relentless increases in energy costs, we are all looking for the best ways to reduce our usage.
So it’s good to discover that the leading online lighting website Value Lights, offers a variety of stylish and energy saving lighting for the home.
The company specialises in providing homeowners with high quality lighting at economical prices.

Here are some products from its energy saving range:
Kitchen lighting
Brighten up your kitchen with an energy saving modern gloss red retro style dome ceiling light; this retro style ceiling light comes in a beautiful gloss red finish with a braided flex and the drop can be adjusted. Reduced from £69.99 to just £34.99.

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