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Whirlpool’s AquaSteam Dishwasher Causes A Stir

 Whirlpool’s Latest AquaSteam Dishwasher Causes A Stir

Whirlpool’s latest ADP 8900 AquaSteam dishwasher will bring your kitchen one step closer to the cutting edge of modern design.

Simply, yet elegantly styled, this dishwasher adds an extra touch of sophistication, whilst still providing you with an array of programmes and features to keep your dishes sparkling clean.

Available in white and stainless steel finishes, Whirlpool’s ADP 8900 dishwasher reflects the current trend for soft edges and smooth, gentle curving lines.

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Whirlpool’s Innovations In Microwave Technology

Whirlpool’s Latest Innovations In Microwave Technology

A combination of the rising cost of living and today’s hectic lifestyles mean that people are increasingly looking for fast, convenient and energy efficient kitchen appliances that will also provide great results.

Whirlpool has the solution in the form of its new JetChef 6th Sense and new Family Chef microwaves, which combine innovative design and technology, to provide ovens that are quick and easy to use.

Intelligent Thinking –  The new JetChef JT 369 combination microwave, features a series of functions designed to help control and monitor the cooking process for you, in order to ensure optimum performance and results:

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Water Flows With Whirlpool’s New Fridge Freezer

The Water Flows With Whirlpool’s Latest Fridge Freezer

Whirlpool is launching its first fridge freezer that offers the luxury of chilled water on tap – the 6th Sense AquaCombi fridge freezer with integrated water dispenser, is a stylish model that is ideal for most modern kitchens.

The AquaCombi has distinctive outward curving doors, to offer a softer look; the gentle curves also create extra storage space as the inner doors can accommodate larger containers.

The ARC 7559 IX can be plumbed in providing access to chilled, filtered water, which means that you no longer have to buy bottled water, thus saving you money and freeing up storage space.

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Colourful Living With Whirlpool’s New Microwave

Enjoy Colourful Living With Whirlpool

Its official, colours are back! The catwalks of London Fashion Week were inundated with inspiration from the 80s; models paraded vibrant colours from electric blues to yellows and fuchsia pinks.
Whirlpool mirrors this trend with its new collection of compact Max microwave ovens to bring the hottest catwalk looks to your kitchen.

The revolutionary compact rounded shape allows it to fit onto any kitchen surface and even into a small corner.

Its spacious interior features a unique ‘crisp plate’ system to avoid burning and ‘jet defrost’, which is up to five time faster than conventional microwaves to enable you to quickly prepare delicious and healthy food.

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Toast Your Mum With Whirlpool

Toast Your Mum With Whirlpool

Hardworking Mums are estimated to spend 66 hours every week on household jobs!

So toast your Mum with Whirlpool, this Mother’s Day, 18th March 2007.

Thank her for her efforts by serving her a crisp glass of wine or even champagne, at the perfect temperature from Whirlpool’s ARC2050 wine cellar, which stores wine on oak shelves at optimum serving conditions.

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Whirlpool’s Perfect Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

Whirlpool’s Tips For Perfect Pancakes On Shrove Tuesday

Millions of families across the country will be looking forward to enjoying pancakes today, Shrove Tuesday.

Whirlpool the leading kitchen appliance manufacturer, offers the following tips to help you create perfect pancakes to indulge your family in this great British tradition. Chill and set your batter – It is important to let your batter ‘rest’ for 30 minutes, enabling the starches in the mixture to soften and expand in the liquid, forming a lighter pancake. The batter will be best, and most hygienically rested in a Microban antibacterial filtered fridge such as Whirlpool’s ARC 6706, while at the same time cooling the mixture to below room temperature, helping to create a perfectly sealed pancake in the hot pan. Perfect pan temperature – Use the precise technology of an induction hob with touch control, like the Whirlpool AKM995, to get your pan piping hot, then tip the batter around the pan to get the base evenly coated; it should only take half a minute or so to cook, so check by lifting  the edge with a palette knife to ensure it’s a tempting golden colour. Saving the left overs – If you have batter leftover, make up pancakes with it and save them for another day.  Just stack the cooked pancakes between greaseproof paper, place in an air-tight container and store in the fridge of your Whirlpool ARC7550 fridge freezer for up to three days, or in the freezer for up to two months. Enjoy!

Web: http://www.whirlpool.co.uk
Tel: (0870) 600 8989

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A Washing Machine With 6th Sense From Whirlpool

Whirlpool Launches A Washing Machine With 6th Sense

We’re going to be wearing an array of bright colours next season, according to the fashion seen on the catwalks for Spring / Summer 2007.
Light materials such as chiffons, will also be very popular this year, but caring for such materials and bright colours can prove difficult.

The new Whirlpool AWO10761 Bluetouch washing machine provides a solution, as it has a large 7kg capacity, in which delicate fabrics can move around freely.

The new hand wash and lingerie programme combines gentle care with effective cleaning, to allow you to wash your most vibrant delicate items or lingerie with confidence.

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Whirlpool Appliances Make Light Work Of Christmas

Whirlpool My Chef Oven

Glide effortlessly through the festive period with Whirlpool’s appliances, which offer a wide selection of features to help, allowing you time to focus on entertaining your friends and family:

Chill your wine and beers for unexpected parties in 30 minutes flat, with Whirlpool’s ‘party mode’ fast bottle chiller on its No Frost Fridge Freezer.

Use the Party Glass dishwasher function on the Whirlpool dishwasher, to ensure your glassware is always sparkling and ready for celebrations.

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Whirlpool Anti-Bacterial Fridge Freezers

Whirlpool Fridge Freezer featuring antibacterial system

Every year, more than 5 million people suffer a food-related illness, often caused by not storing or cooking food properly. The problem can be particularly bad in the summer months when warm temperatures allow bacteria to flourish.

To help keep your food free of harmful bacteria, Whirlpool and Microban have developed an anti-bacterial filtration system, for Whirlpool’s latest range of fridge-freezers. These fridge-freezers feature a high-tech filter, which removes airborne contaminants, bacteria and mould from the air inside the fridge.

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Delicate Blue Touch from Whirlpool

Blue Touch Washing Machine from Whirlpool

The latest “Blue Touch” range of washing machines from Whirlpool, offers innovative state of the art technology, with special features to care for your delicate clothes.

There are three models in this new range and they all feature Whirlpool’s 6th Sense Technology which enables you to get perfect results with minimum time, water and energy usage.

The washing machines all have a vibrant blue LCD display for instant wash status, which will keep you updated with which programme is running, time remaining, spin speed and the wash’s temperature.

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