Gorgeous Butterflies On Portmeirion Favourites

 Gorgeous Butterflies On Portmeirion Favourites The warm, moist summer we have experienced so far may have caused disappointment, but its not all bad news, as due to the wet and humid weather, this will be the best season for butterflies in 30 years.

The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth, transformation and good fortune as well as being beautiful.

So why not bring some butterfly enchantment into your home, by exploring the gorgeous motifs on the following Portmeirion favourites? :

Botanic Garden Fuchsia Ewer:

This delightful Botanic Garden Ewer, pictured here, features the beautiful Foxglove and butterfly motif , and is sure to add a touch of elegance to any bathroom or kitchen – you can even use it as a vase, or combine it with the basin for a traditional look.
Dimensions : 1.6L (3pt).
Material : Earthenware.
Freezer and oven safe also dishwasher and microwave safe.
Priced at: £42.50.

Botanic Garden Pink Parrot Tulip Teapot, £53.

Botanic Garden Dog Rose Heart Dish, £36.50

Dawn Chorus Cake Stand, £26.50.

The celebrated designer Susan Williams-Ellis created Botanic Garden.

A true British classic, it presents a wonderful mixture of herbal motifs, setting a new fashion for casual dining in the 1970s and today, Botanic Garden looks as fresh and exhilarating, as it was when launched in 1972.

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