Fresh As The First Day of Spring

Fresh As The First Day of Spring  After a hard winter it is nice to think of spring being just around the corner, and the inspiration for this Kitty tea service from Herend, is the lovely spring flower the Tulip.

The playful Kitty décor is a modernized version of Bouquet de tulipe, a pattern devised in the 1930s:

  • In the centre stands a single, colourful, wind-swept ‘parrot’ tulip, its orange, yellow, red, mauve or blue petals conjured up with virtuoso brushwork.
  • The cup of indented petals waves on the end of a supple stem, from which springs a pair of wavy leaves contoured in black.
  • Round the ledge, springs a pair of wavy leaves contoured in black. It also has a gilded rim and surrounding motifs of tiny, bright meadow and garden flowers. This delightfully playful, cheerful décor is painted in six colour variants.
  • The hand painted tulips which adorn the porcelain, seem to have flown unto the pieces in an unruly manner, their heads and leaves still tilting from the wind.
  • This pattern is also available as a dinner service.

The service will fit into any decor be it classic, traditional or topical, and bring a ray of sunshine unto the table.

The teapot is £127.50 and the cup and saucer £76.50.

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