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Aquatic Therapy In An Endless Swimming Pool

Beneficial Aquatic Therapy In An Endless Pool

Because it is nearly gravity-free, aquatic exercise is the preferred therapy for many medical conditions; thus an Endless Pool, can provide aquatic therapy at the ideal temperature and pace for your needs, in total privacy and at your own convenience.

The Endless Pool’s adjustable current allows for an easily monitored progression of exercises.

Leslie Krichko, a professional water therapist and trainer, advises “therapy in an Endless Pool actually helps people with injuries recover faster,” for several reasons:

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Unique Endless Swimming Pools For The UK

Endless Pools was established in 1998 to provide an exercise swimming pool enabling people to swim at home.

To date the company have installed over 10,000 pools globally and hundreds of Endless Pools have been bought across the UK.

The Endless Pool is perfect for the British climate as the modular design makes installation possible even in small spaces indoors and all components fit easily through a standard doorway or stairway.

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