New Handmade Portuguese Crockery And Glassware

 The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Orangery JasmineWay has a brand new range of beautiful handmade Portugese earthenware and glasses. Perfect for capturing that holiday feeling, the range is ideal for alfresco dining this summer.

The new earthenware collection includes traditional oven and tapas dishes as well as plates. The range is all handmade by a family in Portugal and they have been making earthenware for over 100 years.

The women paint the beautiful unique patterns on the dishes while the men in the family handle the wheels and the kiln to make them.

Featured here is a set of 6 Portuguese Earthenware Handmade Plates from rural Portugal – and if you look at them very closely, you will notice the pattern on each plate is slightly different.

That’s because they are absolutely handmade and painted by the Portuguese family’s artistic talent.
Use these plates to serve your alfresco lunch – we guarantee your guests will admire your wonderful food and beautiful presentation! Price £62.

The earthenware collection features tapas dishes, plates, oven dishes and jugs.

Complement the earthenware range with JasmineWay’s pretty handmade Portuguese glasses, jugs and carafes in a range of colours including amber, rose, green, blue and mauve.

The glasses and carafes are sold as sets of 6, all individually coloured.
Price List:

  • Set of 3 Earthenware Oven Dishes – £42.00.
  • Set of 4 Tapas Dishes – £30.00.
  • Set of 6 Plates – £62.00.
  • Handmade Jug – £18.00.
  • Glass Decanter – £40.00.
  • Set of 6 Coloured Glasses – £42.99.
  • Glass Jug – £40.00.

Visit the Jasmine Way website to view the unique collections.

Tel: (0208) 715 2520

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