Delightfully Delicate Pivoine From Herend

 Delightfully Delicate Pivoine From Herend Herend has launched a new service, Pivoine, which features the flower of spring – the Peony, so popular in Chinese decorations.

Traditional Chinese thought considers the Chinese Peony the symbol of prosperity, plenty, respect and dignity. It is the un-official botanical symbol of China, a symbol of spring worldwide.
The Peony motif has been used before by Herend to great acclaim.

On this new service the Peony has the company of a playful butterfly, and both the peony and the butterfly are mostly placed at an angle rather than centrally, giving it a light and playful air.

The colours are light and pastel and the shading in the painting illustrates the craftsmanship mastered by the Herend painters. All Herend porcelain is hand painted.

Pivoine includes pieces for dinner, tea and coffee services.
Price example: £154.40 for a side plate.

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