The Innovative Zip HydroTap Offers Many Benefits

The Zip HydroTap

The innovative Zip HydroTap is a smart kitchen appliance that offers many functions and benefits.

Made by Zip, a global leader in boiling water products, the HydroTap provides immediate filtered boiling water at the touch of a lever, as well as instant filtered chilled water depending on the model.

Zip’s HydroTap collection offers a multitude of daily benefits to suit any household:

Hot drinks in a flash
No more waiting for the kettle to boil; tea, coffee, hot chocolate – whatever you like, you can have it instantly.

Convenient cooking
The HydroTap can speed up the preparation of pasta, vegetables and soups and rinsing salad ingredients in chilled filtered water can add extra crispness.

More available workspace
Fitted at your sink or on an optional font, you may find you no longer need a kettle, plus there are no unsightly, or potentially dangerous cables, so your worktops can be kept clutter-free.

Refreshed in an instant
Thirsty? No problem, fresh, filtered, chilled water is quite literally on tap to refresh you instantly.

Energy efficient
A programmable 24/7 timer and handy sleep mode can be activated to automatically reduce the stored water temperature when not in use, plus Power-Pulseâ„¢ technology works to ensure that the HydroTap is super efficient, reducing energy consumption every day.

Save time and money
Because of the potential energy savings accessible by the HydroTap, you really can make daily money savings as you only ever use the water you need.

Complete control
Clear, ergonomic controls make the HydroTap easy to use, whilst the safety interlock system makes it child friendly for complete peace of mind.

Easy to maintain
Each HydroTap has two different filtration system options – the integral triple action submicron filter that removes bad taste, odour and particulates down to 1 micron in size and for those in hard water areas, an
optional external anti-scale filter.

Stylish design
Stylish design makes the HydroTap an attractive addition to any kitchen and there is a choice of finishes to suit every kitchen scheme – chrome, brushed chrome, black and gold plated.

Zip HydroTap makes daily life easier, and is available from leading kitchen showrooms and retailers nationwide.

For further information about the Zip HydroTap product range, please visit the website.

Tel: 01362 852222.

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