Is This The End Of the Kettle?

 Is This The End Of the Kettle? Yes – boiling water is like watching paint dry, it’s boring and wastes time and water, not to mention the kitchen counter space taken up by a kettle – but this is all about to change with the launch of GROHE Red® in June 2010.

Whether it’s a quick cup of tea, peeling vegetables. or sterilising baby bottles and washing greasy pans, we need boiling water for many uses.

The GROHE Red® is the perfect tool for every busy modern day kitchen. Consisting of a tap and a boiler (4 or 8 litre versions available), this ingenious appliance supplies piping hot water at the twist of a lever.

Two GROHE Red® versions are available:

  • The smaller, Mono, only supplies hot water and is the perfect complement to the recently launched GROHE Blue® filter water tap.
  • The larger version Duo, provides both boiling as well as normal hot and cold water from one tap.
  • For households with children, GROHE Red® has been designed with an innovative two step pull-and-turn safety handle, which eliminates the risk of scalding and ultimately gives parents peace of mind.
  • GROHE Red® also helps save water and energy – rather than boiling excess water in a kettle, it allows you to fill the exact quantity needed for any given purpose.

So gone are the days of the kettle – It’s time to move into the 21st century and save time, energy and money, by choosing to have boiling water straight from the tap. Priced from £900 RRP.

For more information please visit the GROHE website.

Tel: (0871) 200 3414.

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