Q-waves The Ultimate Audio Visual Experience

Q-waves The Ultimate Audio Visual Experience Q-waves, a provider of innovative consumer technology devices, have launched two new products in the UK.

The Q-waves Wireless USB AV Kit and Wireless USB Data Kit, enable users to wirelessly connect a plethora of devices in the home and office.

Designed for simplicity, the Q-waves Wireless USB product range, allows consumers to share data, or watch online content on any TV, with ease.

Q-waves products work by simply connecting two USB’s, a Slave and Master.

All users need to do is plug the Master USB in to the primary device, such as a laptop, Netbook, or PC, and the Slave in to whatever they’d like to pair it with.

The Master and Slave are already synched, meaning there is no need for any complicated configuration. By using Ultrawide Broadband, the products also work independently to your home network, meaning there is no need to alter that either.

The Audio Visual Experience
Q-waves Wireless USB AV Kit allows users to stream from any PC, laptop or Netbook, directly onto an HD TV or Projector quickly and easily, with full audio support.

Users can experience their entire favourite computer content on the TV, whether that be making video calls with Skype, watching iPlayer or playing PC games on the big screen, or just browsing the Internet.

Q-waves Wireless USB AV kit works with a variety of AV devices, featuring HDMI interfaces and VGA interfaces, giving users the flexibility to select the target display type suitable for their needs.
MSRP of £99.99 incl. VAT.

Wireless Data
Q-Waves Wireless USB Data Kit allows users to ‘upgrade’ most existing USB 2.0 enabled devices, turning them into Wireless USB devices and facilitating the transfer of data quickly and easily.

The Q-waves Wireless USB Data Kits support a wide range of USB 2.0 enabled devices from printers, scanners and external hard drives to DVD and CD players, as well as iPod docking stations.

Applications include the ability to back up your PC to an HDD wirelessly, or share music between docking stations and laptops.

Working within a 10metre range at speeds up to 500Mbps.
MSRP of £69.99 incl. VAT.

Both kits are compatible with Windows XP and Vista, and the Windows 7 upgrade will be available at the Q-waves website.

Both Q-waves products are now available from Amazon, PC World, Curry’s, Maplin and Play.com.

For more detailed information visit the Q-waves website.

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