The SuperKettle Outperforms Your Ordinary Kettle

The Convenient SuperKettle Outperforms Your Ordinary KettleEvery smart kitchen needs a SuperKettle. The new kettle from Newtonz Ltd maintains the water just below boiling point,(without steam) by electronic control.

Fill it, switch it on, and forget it – until you’re ready for a drink; you’ll be amazed by the simplicity and convenience of boiling water available at the touch of a button.

No waiting to make perfect tea, coffee etc when back from work or shopping, when you wake up, or if friends call in.

  • Eco-friendly:
    Designed to be left on, it only uses power when needed.
    The insulated body ensures that minimum standby energy is used – about 7p per day*.
    Unlike your ordinary kettle, where surplus heated water is wasted, the SuperKettle keeps it hot for next use.
  • Convenient:
    · The 3 litre capacity provides plenty of hot water.
    · An internal pump delivers water with a touch switch – no lifting or pouring – so easy,
    and great for anyone who finds pouring difficult or unsafe.
  • Safety:
    Of course, it has protection against overheating or boiling dry and the walls are always only safely warm.
  • Heat up time:
    Designed for low power, so when filled with cold water it will reach temperature in less than 30 minutes; after that, hot water is available instantly.

The Super Kettle looks good in any kitchen –Priced at £51 brushed stainless steel, or £49 white finish.

Free UK delivery for 2 or more SuperKettles to same address.

* This is not all ‘new’ cost to you, because you are probably heating more water than you need every time you boil your ordinary kettle and then letting it cool, whereas the SuperKettle retains most of the energy used.


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