Video Tutorials Prove To Be A Powerful Tool For DIY Enthusiasts

DIY Doctor LogoVideo is proving to be a powerful tutorial tool for DIY enthusiasts, since many people now prefer to see their DIY project being demonstrated, rather than just reading about how to do it.

For well over ten years DIY Doctor has been offering masses of DIY guidance online, but fairly recently began uploading videos to YouTube and have now achieved their One millionth view.

  • Which makes total sense, as if you wish to discover how to accomplish something – it’s better to have it demonstrated to you by someone skilled.
  • The same principal applies to using an unfamiliar tool, or mastering a procedure that you have just heard about.
  • The huge number of people, who watch his videos weekly, has amazed the founder and main presenter of the demonstrations, Mike Edwards.

He is also planning to add a great deal more videos for all kinds of tools and projects very soon.

An additional benefit of employing video to describe DIY tasks, is that people will grasp the safety aspects of the attempted schemes more easily and are less liable to suffer an accident and be able to finish their project.


Mike Edwards a practicing builder, established DIY Doctor over thirteen years ago and has overtime built up a reputation for providing high quality accurate advice.

With around 25,000 pages on the website, most common projects are dealt with in detail and the site forums help DIY enthusiasts and Home Improver self-builders, to find the solutions they require.

The DIY Doctor is also an author, who often addresses audiences at National DIY Shows.

For more information and to sample the DIY Doctor tutorial videos yourself, go to the website.

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Example Tool Review video:   Karcher K2 300 Pressure Washer Product

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