Revive Your Home With The Versatile Bosch Sanding Roller

SanderBosch DIY has launched the definitive power tool, designed to make sanding effortless, so that you can tackle this year’s DIY tasks with pleasure.

The Bosch Sanding Roller (PRR 250 ES) is the ultimate gadget for joining the current trend of recycling old stuff into more functional products.

The Sanding Roller is both easy in use and multipurpose, and works across a whole host of delicate materials and surfaces.

This versatile tool has the perfect accessory for all sanding projects, such as sanding old garden chairs and revitalizing them with fresh colour, or making furniture from wooden pallets, or restoring a tired old wooden staircase.

Whether metal or wood, curved or smooth, the Bosch Sanding Roller can even eliminate rust from your grimy metal garden fence.

The sander comes with a range of changeable sanding accessories, which means it can be adapted easily to an assortment of surfaces and materials.

  • The fitted SDS system* permits the user to change the sanding rolls easily and speedily, without the requirement for further tools.
  • The powerful 250watt motor and the included Bosch Electronics permit the user to work on particular materials and accomplish a smooth sanding finish quickly.
  • The Sanding Roller pack contains three sanding attachments, large and small lamella roll, a sanding sleeve plus shank, as well as a safety-guard and carry case.
  • Furthermore, 20 new accessories are now in stores to extend the tool’s usefulness, in a variety of sizes, shapes and sanding grits to cover a broad range of treatments.

The Bosch Sanding Roller is now available priced at £99.99 RRP

Visit the website for further information and to see how the Bosch Sanding Roller can help change the old into new.

* Keyless auto-lock and accessory change.

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