The Brilliant New WoolSafe App For Removing Carpet Stains

The Woolsafe Carpet Stain Cleaning App

The Woolsafe Carpet Stain Cleaning App

The WoolSafe Organisation has announced the introduction of its new Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide app, which it believes will transform the way homeowners deal with carpet stains and discredit the useless cleaning folklore forever.

There is no need for panic anymore, if some red wine or other mishap stains your lovely cream carpet, as WoolSafe’s innovative award-winning app, presents step-by-step advice that will assist you to remove the nasty stain, without causing permanent harm to your carpet.

For stains that are difficult, or old and embedded, the app lists the nearest acknowledged carpet cleaners and also provides information about the best approved cleaning products available on the market.

WoolSafe advises that attending to a stain swiftly is absolutely essential, for the best chance of removing the stain successfully.

Having the right cleaning information available via the Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide, homeowners will now be able to act right away.

The new Cleaning Guide app can now be downloaded free from the App Store and is appropriate for iPhone and iPad users.

The WoolSafe Organisation’s  Carpet Cleaning Guide online.


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