Keep Your Home As Pristine As A Palace

Keep Your Home As Pristine As A Palace1001, the magic number for carpet and upholstery cleaning, has joined forces with Katherine Dewhurst, ex-Buckingham Palace housekeeper, to provide top tips on how to keep your carpets and soft furnishings fit for a Queen.

Follow Katherine’s hints and tips below, to make sure your home remains your castle, regardless of whether it’s a baronial pile or a suburban semi:

A technique employed in some of the most regal of residences is to use a stiff, clean outdoor brush and sweep the carpet in the opposite direction of the grain so the pile stands up straight, making it look as good as new and ready to welcome the grandest of guests.

Never rub or brush spot stains as this can push the stain deeper into the fabric and make it harder to remove; soak the stain with a remover, such as 1001 Troubleshooter Ultra then, using a paper towel or cloth blot the remover, working from the outside of the stained area into the centre.

Don’t despair if the mark or stain is an old one, you can still tackle it using a stain remover; it may not totally disappear, but it’s often possible to shift the worst of it.

Hot drinks are amongst the most common stains and can be hard to remove; the key is to act quickly as coffee is a natural dye and may stain permanently; tackle it by first removing any excess liquid with a paper towel and then apply 1001 Troubleshooter Ultra over the area and gently wipe the stain, from the outside to the centre without rubbing hard.

On finding an unknown stain, use a stain remover that contains a low amount of water, such as 1001 Mousse; unless you know what you are dealing with, it’s best not to add excess liquid, which might make it soak deeper into the fabric making it harder to shift.

When entertaining, it is crucial to make sure all your sofas and soft furnishings remain clean, fresh and fit to welcome your VIPs; prepare for their arrival by revitalising your upholstery with 1001 Shampoo – a wide area carpet and upholstery cleaner.

By working its magic deep into the fibres, 1001 Shampoo will not only leave treated areas clean, fresh and revitalised, its unique Fibreshield Polymer ingredient, will also defend against future stains, leaving you free to relax and enjoy yourself.

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